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Page 4 Approaching Women A Great Techique

Author: David DeAngelo



As a female subscriber I'd like to admit to consciously falling for many of the techniques outlined in your newsletter. I'm a nineteen year old college girl and have been dating my boyfriend for four years. His occasional disinterest in me only makes me want him more. He doesn't call or email me as often as i call him or think it necessary that we spend every weekend together and i know he has a life other than me (i find this terribly attractive). His body language or habit of "taking up space and leaning back" is irresistible and his cocky attitude has been making me hot for years. I want to tell your male subscribers not to lose the cocky/funny routine after they have found a girl they like; not just to keep her, but to attract other girls as well. i find it a huge turn on when i catch other girls checking out my guy.


Ah, yes. Thanks for the comments. Next time do tell more about the whole "I find it a huge turn on when I catch other girls checking out my guy" thing.


Hi David,

I have a question for you. Does the techniques you use in your book work on women of all races? I am African - American.




I get literally hundreds of emails a week from all over the world telling success stories, so my guess is that "yes, they do"...

And as a matter of fact, I'd like to thank all my readers from every corner of the planet for staying tuned, and for sending in your questions and stories.

Often, the person sending the story doesn't speak or write English very well, and I don't speak their language, so I don't include them in these Mailbags... but I try to respond personally when I can.

My answer to you is: Try it. I think these principals are universal when it comes to women. Just take your local customs, traditions, and benchmarks of proper behavior, as cultures differ... and I know that our culture in America is different than many of the cultures around the world.

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