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Me: Hey, can I ask you a quick question?

Her: ya....

Me: You go to college around here?

Her: no (and then she looks away as if not interested)

Me: (I tap on her shoulder) So where you from?

Her: From...(she gives the city name 4hrs away from where I live)

Me: How do you like it here?

Her: I am visiting friends (She looks away again and talks to her friend).

Me: So what do you do in (her town)?

Her: I go to pharmacy school...


Her:(She cracks up and the ice is broken).....small talk .....ya da ya da.

me: small talk.....ya da ya da

me: I need to go back to my friends but nice meeting you.(I turn away)

her: nice meeting you too (I really had her attention by now)

Me: (Turn back) do you have e-mail?

her: I don't check my e-mail often.

ME: "Ha!ha!ha!" (I started laughing loud)

Her:(Little disarmed)

Me: Do you have electricity?

Her: no....(cracks up)....I really don't check e- mail.

Me: Listen girl....imagine the worst case scenario...(do as mentioned in you DD book) .....I just want to make friends with a DRUG DEALER.

Her: is my e-mail. TOTAL TIME - 3 minutes and 16 seconds to get her e-mail - yes i timed it.

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