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Page 7 Approaching Women A Great Techique

Author: David DeAngelo

We have exchanged e-mails back and forth now. She even asked me to come to her place to go partying/dancing.

I replied back saying: "What?? I don't even know you and u want me already? Sorry I am not that easy. Whatever happened to the good old days when ladies invite guys for coffee first?"

She is special (she is awesome and seems to have good personal qualities). Problem is she lives four hours away - how do I go about doing this long distance thing? I  told her to come on down to my town. Provided she has personality that matches her looks - I think she would be worth my time and I would drive 4hrs to see her.



I know, isn't it great that this stuff actually works?

By the way, nice touch asking the pharmacy school gal if she's a drug dealer.

This is a great example of EXACTLY what to do when you meet a girl. Read it again.

And as for the driving 4 hours thing... In the 4 hours of driving EACH WAY, you could probably go out and meet several other nice young ladies that are a bit closer. Maybe she loves to drive?


Hey Dave,

Unsolicited, I think you're book is AMAZING. NICE WORK! Breaking rapport with humor is a charm!  I'm having a blast with it.  Ex: Attractive older woman at the cash register tells me to move over to the next register, then she tells another clerk to take care of the next customer, I say, "You just order EVERYBODY around...DON'T you?"   She goes, "I'm too old to get married, but I LIKE you! You're REAL!" So of course, I responded, "Well, I just do what I'm told, but I'm not so sure about you...too BOSSY."   Women love this stuff!

Question:  I've noticed in three different occasions where chicks have respond to my actions by pouting. I  know that you've had some great recommendations, i.e., saying, "You're cute when you pout.", etc. and it works, but, in your opinion, have you found that the pouters have a lot of personal baggage?   Or is that normal female behavior??...or BOTH. The last thing I want to do is get too involved with a neurotic.  Please share your experience and observation.  Thanks, DJ



Well, if you date enough women, you'll get just about every possible response in the world.

Sure, once in awhile a woman will pout if you give her a hard time and tease her.

It's a judgment call, but if you're dealing with a fragile personality just say, "Oh, lighten up."

Most of the time, just do what you're doing... "You're cute when you're mad" is great.

Thanks for your story.

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