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Page 3 Being A Wussy

Author: David DeAngelo

But, when you try to take this kind of thinking and apply it to ATTRACTION (which almost all men do), then you find yourself doing things that SHOULD work... but they don't.

ATTRACTION is very "counter intuitive" (damn, I love it when I use big words)... which means that it's not the way it "should" be. It's different than it seems at first glance. It's deceptive in a way because unless you "get" how it works, you'll just keep beating your head up against the wall doing things that don't work, "trying harder" when these things fail, and actually making things WORSE as a result of not understanding it.

Have you ever met a woman and given her a compliment, only to have her walk away and show no interest?

Or pursued a woman with gifts, favors, and dinners, only to have her be "confused" and need "time alone"... which eventually led to her wanting to "just be friends"?

Have you ever had an attractive female friend who liked to date abusive jerks... and then tell YOU about the abuse she was putting up with... all the while you would have done ANYTHING for a chance to be with her?

Yeah, me too.

That's what I mean it when I say that you can actually make things WORSE by TRYING HARDER when you don't "get" how attraction works.

If I had to sum it all up, and describe the one HUGE mistake that men make with women... the one that causes the most pain and prevents the most success, I'd have to say that it was...


For a lot of reasons, a WUSSY just doesn't make for an interesting, romantic counterpart. Women will SETTLE for a Wuss, or even SETTLE DOWN with one (usually after the Wuss has demonstrated his TOTAL lack of self-respect, and his COMPLETE willingness to put aside all of his own needs for a woman). Unfortunately, this often ends with the woman cheating on the Wuss, leaving him for someone else, taking everything from him (including his self esteem) etc...

I digress...

The point is, a WUSSY doesn't trigger ATTRACTION.

Wussies are BORING. They're needy. They lack ENERGY, act CLINGY, and make women feel TRAPPED and repulsed.

Everything about the WUSS spells "DON'T PICK ME".

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