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Being A Wussy

Author: David DeAngelo


If you are a "nice guy" who never seems to be able to attract HOT women, or you have attractive female friends who always seem to say, "He's really wonderful, but I just like him as a FRIEND", then this could possibly be the single most important thing you ever read in your entire life.

And I'm not kidding... not even a little.

If I had to sum up the biggest mistake that I see men making with women (and the big mistake that I've made myself too many times to count), it's being a WUSSY.

Being a WUSS comes in two main flavors:

1) Acting like a WUSSY to begin with.

2) Turning INTO a WUSSY as you get to know her.

I would venture to guess that most men either act like WUSSIES with women they're attracted to ALL the time, or they turn into WUSSIES within a few weeks or months of meeting a woman that they REALLY like.

I know, this sounds a little strange, right?

What the heck should being a Wuss have to do with attracting women?

The answer: EVERYTHING.

Let's review a few of the most important concepts to remember when it comes to attracting women:

1) ATTRACTION ISN'T A CHOICE. As humans, we don't "consciously choose" who we FEEL attracted to. It just "happens" to us... BANG! And you can't "convince" someone to FEEL this powerful emotion.

2) ATTRACTION DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. When you think about the concept of being emotionally attracted to another person, it only "makes sense" that you should feel attracted to good qualities like "niceness" and "honesty" and "loyalty", right? Well guess what... ATTRACTION doesn't play by those rules. The things that we are ATTRACTED to don't make "logical sense" when you look at them. We all know that attractive women seem to date a lot of abusive jerks... and that men often stay in relationships with unhappy, domineering women. For ATTRACTION to make "logical sense", you must learn how it works, and get a deeper understanding of what triggers it.

3) STATUS is very important when it comes to ATTRACTION. Women are almost NEVER attracted to men of "lower status" than themselves. This is why certain stereotypes exist, such as women not liking shorter men, and women who make a lot of money being intimidating to men.

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