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Approaching Women - A Bikini Model Story

Author: David DeAngelo

>NOTE: If you're interested in getting a VERY in- depth education on how to approach women in every possible situation, then make sure you read this:
Now let's talk about how to meet women...



I have been reading your emails for a while now. Honestly I have been skeptical, Ive taken bad advice from people in the past, and truthfully only read your emails for the fun of it. I was reading one morning while sitting kind of nervous about this girl who clearly is interested, however I have always been sort of self-conscious, not realizing that in the past I have missed soo many opportunities w/ many fine looking ladies, ya dig.

As I was reading it hit me, that what you are saying is the truth. All it is simply put is Have fun with the girl...just relax, and lead the show. I dont think i have ever quite grasped any such truth as this one. Although I am a slow learner, I like you, am a scientist of how people (including females) react and interact with different situations, scenarios and environments. I'm going to be real with you, your research results are intriguing, and I for one am thoroughly satisfied with what you are teaching us males who, at one time or another did not have a clue on how to get laid, but now do. I salute you brother,

Holla back from Connecticut. M.N.


You know, it's been a LOOOONG time since I've read the words "skeptical", "scientist", "environments", "ya dig", and "Holla back" all in one email.

I feel ya, dog. Poignant, yet profound.

I sure hope you don't use that unique balance of proper English and Jive with the lizzadies.

And by the way, I'm not trying to teach men how to "get laid". I'm teaching guys how to keep their power for themselves, and how to give women what they REALLY want...and how to trigger that emotion called ATTRACTION, so that when the day comes that they meet a TRULY AMAZING woman, they know what to do to get and KEEP her (and if you want to have some fun while you're learning, that's cool with me too!).


Holy Crap!

Who would have know that a clueless guy like me concerning women and dating, could go from being a DUD to a STUD in only a matter of months?! I know that the word "MONTHS" seems like a long time, but I 'm one of those slow learners that really needed to "Get It" at a deep level, before I started to
have success with women. I own both your book and your advanced CD series, both of which have literally changed my life forever! The information that you taught us about Reframing our limited beliefs was primarily the most POWERFUL thing to me. The second most POWERFUL bit of information that you shared on your advanced series is what I have a question about. I noticed that when dealing with, say, 7's & 8's, I have "all" of the power. But when I interact with 9's and 10's, I begin to feel unsure of myself a lot of times.

David, you teach us in the CD series to assert OUR reality up front. You said that the person who believes that their reality exists the most and who is able to communicate it the best, will convince everyone around them that THIS reality is what is real. So how do I build my reality? So far, I have just decided that I won't tolerate manipulative behavior, flakiness, rudeness (due to that Cosmo girl - "superiority" mentality), etc.

But do I actually need to read a book about building my reality, or do I just, from my numerous interactions with women, DECIDE how I want to build my reality (which means that I will continue to make amendments to it over time until I find the reality that suits me)? I think that I MIGHT have answered my own question already. . . .

But ANY input would be GREATLY appreciated David.

V, from Oklahoma


As you've heard me talk about in my Advanced Series, it is VERY important that you look at the world as "Your Reality", and behave as if this is the case.

One way to "build" that reality is to IMAGINE it vividly.

Einstein said that "Imagination is more important than knowledge"... and a great marketing genius named Roy Williams says that our minds are far better suited to imagination than reality ANYWAY.

So let me ask YOU...

If you could have your life be any way you want, how would that be?

What would happen in your reality?

I was talking with a good friend of mine about two weeks ago, and we decided that as humans living in modern times, we can live almost any life we want... if only we decide what that life is going to be, and put our full attention on making that our reality.

I know I'm starting to sound a little bit "self-helpish" here, but this is the way it is.

And since I'm already ranting and raving like a crazed guy who wants to give your inner child a hug, I might as well go off on a random tangent that I'm thinking about...

The night before last, I went out with three friends.

All guys.

We went to watch a mutual friend's band play at a bar, then went to another bar... and then another.

At the third place, one of my friends saw a girl that he wanted to meet.

She was what you might call an "L.A. Hottie". She had on a bright red jacket that looked like something an Indy car driver might wear... and she had that look on her face that said "I'm pissed, but I know I'm sexy when I'm pissed, so I'm going to stay that way".

I looked at my friend and said, "Let's go".

As my friend and I were walking toward her, he was asking me what he should say to her.

I realized something in that moment:

1) He was in a place mentally that was beyond something that a "pick up line" would fix.

2) He was about to talk to a "professional" when it comes to being approached by men.

3) He needed to learn something, not get the girl.

In the end, he said something to her (I won't go into detail because it's not important), she acted stuck up, and we walked away.


It was obvious that he was feeling a little bit uncomfortable about the whole interaction... about approaching a hot, "unapproachable" girl, then having her "shoot him down".

So I said, "Now what's the big deal? Does it matter at all? NO!" Then I said, "Let's go talk to someone else!". And we got back into the game, we didn't sit on the sidelines feeling sorry for ourselves.

I think that it's important to realize that your reality is what you MAKE OF IT.

I have done a lot of "inner work" on my own reality, and I've come to a deep understanding and realization that no woman can take away my joy and positive outlook on the world UNLESS I GIVE HER THE POWER TO DO SO.

So guess what?

Women don't upset me anymore.

Use your IMAGINATION to create a reality that you WANT to live in, and then start living there. No one is going to call you up and say "Hey, I am granting you permission to live the life you want... so get to it."

You're going to have to CREATE the reality that you want to live in... and then start living there.



I began reading your newsletter about 14 months ago, and I purchased the ebook about 6 months ago. The personal development that has occurred in me since then has been astounding.

My confidence has increased dramatically. When you are confident, people notice, and they automatically respect you and want to be around you. This breeds even more confidence. Women's reactions to me has also changed significantly. All of the sudden they want to talk to me, do things for me, and be around me. Often times I can't understand it, but I just keep acting the same because it works. The mailbags have been key to keeping me sharp so that I don't have wuss attacks.

I have had a girlfriend for 6 months who is incredible in personality, intelligence, and looks. You were right when you said that getting hot women does not make other guys like you more but rather they become secretly jealous. This is a good problem to have, however, and I guess the price of success is having some people dislike you for it, which I can deal with. Anyway, I realize that you don't often talk about relationships but here is the question: Will the physical transitions that I make with her become old and predictable?

For example, I have used the smell technique successfully a few times, but sometimes she seems impartial to it. I always do the teasing/soft touch thing too, which used to get her anxious and excited but now seems to be less exciting and more predictable. How can I mix things up? The hair tug has also worked magically well, when done at the right time.

I guess I would like your thoughts on getting her physically turned on other than with my personality, and I would like your thoughts on predictability when getting physical.

Thanks for all you do.

-T, Minnesota



I just can't avoid relationship questions... I try, but I can't do it.


You've only heard me say it about a bazillion times now.

My thoughts on "predictability when getting physical" are as follows:


Here are three things that would be MUCH better than becoming predictable:

1) Shooting yourself in the foot with a BIG gun.

2) Buying a Pinto Station Wagon.

3) Taking a moment every day to CONSCIOUSLY avoid set patterns in your life that KILL attraction.

Take it from me, a man who has screwed up more than one relationship by becoming predictable...


And one more quick thought: I've discovered one other secret to making sure that a woman NEVER loses her attraction for you. It's a deep concept, and it's part of a very in-depth program I've put together called "Mastery With Women And Dating". It's my most intense program, period. If you want to learn this secret to keeping a woman attracted to you, then go take a look at this website:


My initials are J.E.S. from Illinois and i was wondering does your method help put magic back in a relationship? I have been married for 17 years and my wife tells me she doesn't love me because she doesn't find me sexually attractive. My problem is that I still love her and find her incredibly attractive is there anything I can do?

Sincerely, J.E.S.


Yeah, I know... ANOTHER relationship question.

I must be in too good of a mood or something.

I just couldn't help but answer this one...

For women, SEXUAL ATTRACTION has more to do with your personality, communication, and body language than your LOOKS.

I've had many married men use my materials to re-ignite their relationships with their wives (even though I have never intended this to happen).

If you want to get the "spark" back, stop acting like a Wuss, stop being predictable, start doing things that build ANTICIPATION... and learn how to amplify attraction when you create it.

Oh, and hurry up.


You are my new babe GURU!

I am 43 years old, decent looking guy, make a very average income. I was on a date with a STUNNING bikini model and used aloof body language, played it very low key, while being C & F. After our date I leaned away from her against my drivers side door and drove up to her home to drop her off.

Just pulled up and said good night. She wouldnt leave the car and kept talking. I was polite and aloof. she wouldnt leave and she kept staring at me when there was a lull in the conversation. i just sat there thinking, OK you can go now. she didnt know what to do. finally she said can we go out again?, I said maybe. and she said can I call you to see you again?. i said call me if you have something fun for me to do. it felt so good to not be needy or pushy and it worked like a charm. Cant wait for my next date. I will not call her and I know she will be calling soon! Thanks for changing my life, i look forward to more results like that.

I have started to think I have what women need when I talk to them and it feels really great!

Thanks a million!!! RK in Hollywood


OK, you're a stud.

But next time, when you're out in the car in front of the house with a BIKINI MODEL and she asks you if she can call you to see you again... say "Yeah, maybe. Don't you have a cool new stereo or fish tank that you want to show me?"

I feel ya on the non-needy thing, but you'd better be writing in soon with a letter that starts out with:

"...It was a good thing I let her go that night, because NEXT time I saw her..."

I'll be waiting.

And GREAT job leaning back, not being needy, and giving this particular girl an experience that was MUCH different and MUCH more interesting and exciting than any she's had recently.




DORK MAN, I do not and have not made up any "case study" or "customer response story" ever.

Not even one, not at any time, no no no.

Every one of these letters is real, and they're all from real people.

I actually go to extra efforts to keep every single email that I get just in case I need to prove this point to a dork like you in the future.

Of course, the privacy of my readers and customers is more important than anything to me (in other words, I'll never reveal the identities of anyone who writes me publicly).

But if you want to put a little money on the table and bet me... and fly out here to Los Angeles to give it to me... I'd be glad to prove it to you in person.

Let me know!


Dear Dave:

I've been receiving your e-mails for a while now, and a buddy of mine bought me your program after I broke up with my ex fiance saying I had been out of the game for too long and needed a little help. I just wanted to tell you about an experience that I had a while back. I am 27 years old and dating a 10 latin hottie that is 8 years older than me. I ran into her at a local club last June and she had a mutual friend introduce us. After talking to her for a while I asked her to dance and she said she couldn't because she came with a friend and didn't want to disrespect him. I said "oh and talking to me isn't disrespecting him?" I told her that if she wanted to dance with me that I would be at another part of the club and if I didn't have another good looking girl on my arm to ask me to dance. I said it being funny and she started laughing, but this pretty much got her thinking. I walked off and she wouldn't leave me alone for the rest of the night, she kept on coming over to where I was but never danced with me. At the end of the night she came to me and said she wanted to give me her number, I said that I was too old to play her games and I didn't even want it and said that I'll be there in a few weeks and if she wanted to dance to meet me there.

Ok, using your techniques I had this girl pretty much eating out of the palm of my hand because she kept calling a mutual friend that was with me asking him for my number. I told my friend not to give it to her and to tell her that I was to busy helping poor orphan kids find their parents. She showed up a few weeks later at the club by herself and the first thing she did was give me a kiss. I still use the c&f on her to this day. She is eating out of the palm of my hand and has been with me since that night. This girl has men hitting on her constantly, even when I am around.

She was a model in Mexico and I am just an average looking guy, so yes your program does work and I urge everyone to get it as soon as they can. I can't thank you enough for all your help.



Well what can I say to that?

Someone should give you a kiss. And it had better not be me.

You have told a story that demonstrates a principle that most men will NEVER get...

Women don't PURSUE men who pursue THEM.

I don't really say what I'm about to say too often, because it's really beyond most men to even understand, and quite frankly, a lot of guys just don't believe it...

But if you REALLY LEARN these concepts and study the materials... and really take the time to PERFECT your skills with women... you will start having them chase after YOU.

I know many guys who have so many women calling them that they literally have to AVOID the calls.

Yes, it is possible, and you can learn how to do it. Thanks for your email... and thanks to your buddy who got my program for you. He's a true friend!


I don't know how I got on your mail list....i am a female and don't need to know how to attract other females.... But I do find it interesting the advice you give guys. How absolutely ludicrously asinine you are!!!!!!! but I do read it and pass some of the info onto my single male friends.

i am a reasonably attractive lady who loves men. i have no problem getting dates or long term relationships when i want them. but reading your tombs makes me wonder if any one guy reading them will ever get lucky.... a female has to be so stupid or desperate to fall for your tactics. At least my REAL MEN don't resort to such stupidity and if they did they would be out of my life totally.

one guy last week tried such tactics. i said no thanks and walked out. he is still begging for my attention and i am not going to give it. but yet one man which you would call a wussie has slowly been cultivating me for months. when i finally decided to go out he was a gentleman and would not talk to other females or give me the attitude of being too good for me. i see him about once a week and i am very comfortable with him I will be with him tomorrow because he does not play games.... he talks softly, gently and honestly.

he lets me know i am good and he is lucky to be with me.... this is all any of us want to hear whether we are male or female. we all want to be exalted in the eyes of our dates, the world and ourselves.

All the advice you give about the man making the girl feel inferior and tentative is garbage.

i dare you to print this in your newsletter and respond to it publicly

J m California


Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?


It must be some really good stuff... because you are out of it.

Let's talk, shall we? One adult to... well, a crack smoker.

OK, so you call me "ludicrously asinine", and then in the next sentence say that you pass on some of the info you learn from me to your male friends...


Next, you start talking about a guy who "tried such tactics" on you, and you "walked out". You go on to say that this guy is "still begging for your attention"... and that you're "not going to give it".

Look, if any guy was practicing what I teach, he would NEVER, EVER, EVER BEG ANY WOMAN FOR ANYTHING... ESPECIALLY ATTENTION.

Tell me the truth: is this guy your crack dealer? Is that why he knows how to get in touch with you after you "walked out"?

And I guess you set me straight alright with your example of the Prince Of Wusses who has been "cultivating you for months" (sounds like some kind of fungus experiment to me... try talking to a specialist about it). He sounds like a real keeper to me.

Your comment of "All the advice you give about the man making the girl feel inferior and tentative is garbage" has convinced me beyond the shadow of a doubt that you should LAY OFF THE CRACK, and pay more attention.

I have never, and will never, advise any man to "make a woman feel inferior and tentative".

You know, I just remembered that I made a new rule... that if a person demonstrated that they were a JACKASS within the first three sentences of their email to me, they could not be considered for public humiliation in a mailbag like I'm providing for you... but this was so tempting... how could a guy help himself this time?


Dave, Got the book. Got the DVDs. No longer a wuss. Nuff said.

Just sharing a quick story. The point is subtle, but it's made a difference for me more than once: (over instant messenger) Me: ok, so how am I being mean again? Her: um, let me think... Her: i dont know Her: maybe mean isnt the word i am looking for Her: i think it's more that you do not adore me as much as others and that annoys me

Translation: Obviously I don't really annoy her...or she wouldn't be turning down other men for me (she's an 8.5 looks). I just bust on her whenever she attempts to make me her Drooling Subservient Wuss Slave. (Be a man, get a woman.)

I do find it rather ironic that women spend so much time trying to turn us into wusses they then don't find attractive. It's not like us men go around trying to make supermodels eat ice cream and wear moo-moo dresses...

M Chicago


Man oh man... you've opened up a can of worms here.

I'll try to keep this short, but I can already tell that I'm going to be rambling. Get a drink for this one. We need to talk.

You have brought up a really important (and subtle) point about how women behave around men.

When you stop chasing after and kissing up to women, you will OFTEN hear things like "you're being mean" and "I'm upset, and I don't know why", etc.

And when you challenge women on this point, you'll find the REAL reason: Women get upset when they don't have CONTROL of a situation.

This is a paradox, as well... because women are usually feeling ATTRACTED to you at the same time they're saying these things.

A woman will test and challenge a man over and over, virtually on a continual basis... just to see if he's going to "crack" and reveal his Inner Wuss. This has been going on since the first human-like woman looked at the first human-like
man and hinted that if he was interested in making babies that he'd better bring home some meat for her...

Women aren't TRYING to turn us into Wusses... on the contrary; they're trying to see if we actually ARE wusses, and just PRETENDING not to be.

Get it?

When you realize this SUBTLE distinction, you are well on your way to learning to use The Force.

By the way, what's wrong with a super model in a moo-moo eating ice cream?

Just think of it...

No more shopping at Bloomies for Chanel Hydrabase Lipstick in "Beige Mythique" for $22.00...

No more "Venti Skinny Two-Pumps-Of-Sugar-Free- Vanilla Half-Decaf" lattes...

No more "I want a BABY GREEN salad, no dressing, no croutons, no nothing... and a chocolate mousse"...

"Moo moos and ice cream" is the way, man.


Just recently you had a person write to you about how long it takes you to make up an email. Well because you know what you are talking about, the most of your time is reading the email then copying it into your "news" letter. I think your stuff really works if used right. The only thing that has me confused is why should i buy the e- book? It seems like you are teaching the whole thing and their is no need to spend my money. Can you give me some examples of what i am missing by not buying your book? I am reading your emails and wonder what all else could he possibly have to teach me?

StG, >From some small little town all the way up in Montana.


Well, how perfect.

A question I just LOVE to answer...

Imagine this, if you will:

Let's say that a friend of yours told you to join an online discussion group, because it was really interesting.

Let's further say that after you joined, you realized that the topics they were discussing were all about the Star Wars movie series.

They might be talking about things that Yoda and Luke said... and having discussions about the implications of various things... and even adding new ideas that built on top of the basic foundation that the actual movies created.

I could TELL you about Star Wars for 100 years. I could do my best to describe the characters, what they looked like, how they talked, and on and on...

But to really "get" Star Wars you need to SEE IT.

You need to make a decision to invest your valuable time and money to EXPERIENCE it.

The same goes for my materials.

You are CHEATING yourself if you don't learn the FOUNDATION... the SOURCE.

Two emails I've received come to mind...

One of them was to thank me for insisting that guys read my book "Double Your Dating" in addition to reading these emails, because that made him actually do it... and he learned the FOUNDATION, which made these Dating Tips and Mailbags REALLY make sense.

The other was from a guy who came to one of my live seminars. He wrote to tell me that when he came to my live seminar he was expecting me to just go over the things I covered in my book. But when he arrived he was shocked to find that it was almost ALL NEW material... and that the book was just the beginning. (By the way, that was the special live seminar I did that was Digitally audio and video taped and edited to create my Advanced Dating Techniques Program).

Do I want you to buy my book and other products?

Of course.

Do I honestly believe beyond the shadow of any doubt that it's worth 10 times the money, and will help you become more successful with women and dating better than anything else in the world?


Look, I know this sounds a little crazy, but I'm so sure that my materials are going to help you become more successful with women that I'm willing to let you try them out for FREE.

Yes, I'm talking no money up front. Try it first. Then decide if it's for you.

Do I get screwed once in awhile, and some guy orders my program, copies the whole thing, then sends it back to me the SAME DAY and asks for his money back?

Sure, of course it happens.

But, my offer is the right thing to do, and I want to encourage you to invest in yourself... and I make it so totally risk-free and easy that you've got to do it.

My eBook and Advanced Series CD/DVD Program will open your eyes on a whole new level. They will repay your investment in no time flat... no question.

You can get the Advanced Series here:

You can download my eBook immediately here:

Free Newsletter And Download eBook

...both websites have several good free samples and feedback from others who have them. Enjoy.

I'll talk to you again soon.

Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

P.S. If you'd like to send me a Success Story, Question, or Comment, follow these guidelines:

1) Keep it short and to the point. Two paragraphs max.

2) Tell me what's working for you before you ask your question. I appreciate all of the "Your stuff is great" and "I don't need to tell you how well your stuff works" comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics... because this helps other guys to see what's working in different situations.

3) If you have a Success Story, write "Success Story" in the subject line of the email. I read these first.

4) At the end of the email, give me your initials and tell me where you're from.

5) Send it to me at:

...don't just hit "reply" to this email.


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