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Meeting Women Online And Other Great Places

Author: David DeAngelo

NOTE: Meeting women online is one of the best "practice grounds" there is... but most men just don't know how to pull it off. If you want to learn how to quickly meet and attract women right from your home computer, take a second
and go check this out now:


Ive been a Wussy all my life, hooked up with a seemingly great gal, married, etc. and she started being unhappy. She wanted to separate and the more I tried to "give her what she wanted" the worse it got. So here I was, starting all over again. got your e-book and I was insulted at first about the things I read, but I tried not to judge it yet. I went on to test your theories and found a lot of it really works and is true, especially about not giving a woman what she wants (not directly or immediately anyway). I went onto get your Advanced DVD series and I am very impressed at how much more useful information is there, especially the stuff about re-programming the way we think about our selves and goals in situations.

Ive started approaching more and more 10's (not that women should be "rated") being myself and most importantly: as if I could care less about talking to them, as if they owe me something already, poking fun at something they say, do, have, or are (short, amazon tall, etc) and bust their balls for it... but ALWAYS in a playful friendly way with a big cocky smile. They eat it up and cant get enough, so I try to pull back (thats where my problem is). Since im still a newbie I want to keep going but I realize thats exactly when I need to hit the breaks and give her the gift of missing me, and making her confused about what just happened so shell be thinking about me till we meet again ;) .. this wont be my last posting to you David!!


Well, my hat is off to you.

I don't actually wear a hat, but you get the idea.

You have done something that I have A LOT of respect for...

You've opened your mind to a new way of looking at something.

You mentioned that when you first read my book you initially felt "insulted".

But you also say that you tried not to judge what you were reading, and instead you went out and TESTED THE MATERIALS yourself to see if they actually worked for you.

Look, this is a big deal.

The reason I have so much admiration for you is because most men are too stuck in one way of thinking to even TRY something new.

Every once in awhile I get an email from a guy who says "your techniques would NEVER work"... or "I'll bet you're making up all of the emails in your newsletters"... etc.

I have to laugh to myself when I see this kind of thing.

First of all, all you have to do is walk out your door, and TRY some of the things you're learning.


Test them out (like you did).

Take a week of your life and try new things to see if they work.

It so simple.

But then again, I guess it isn't.

Well, congratulations again for actually putting yourself out there, controlling your emotions, and putting it to the test.

You're going to see DRAMATIC improvements in the near future with women.

Again, you have my respect for doing something that most guys don't have the guts to do.



I've always been big into motivational materials. I've read every one of Napleon Hill's books at least 10 times each plus dozens of others from several authors. I bought your DVD series obviously to increase my success with women but the material applies to all areas of life. I've watched it over and over and over again during the past 2 months and the changes are amazing. A lot of potential I had locked up inside me seems to have been unleashed. Going out and having success with women definitely adds confidence to all areas of life but the self-image and self-confidence exercises you go through have had a lot to do with it as well.

For quite some time I'd been working on finishing up a sales training book and audio program based on the huge success I've had in my selling career using unconventional methods. Finally, about a month ago while watching your program again something just snapped in my head and I sat down, got the website up, got the marketing started, finished up the product, and I'm already making more money from that than from my job and already have booked my first speaking engagement. Seriously, your program and the self-improvement messages and exercises had a lot to do with it. (Interestingly, I've also had the concept of perceived "fame" with women proven to me. My site has an "about the author" page with a photo and several women have already emailed me with pictures practically begging to meet me in person). The conversion rate from my homemade site has been high enough to justify the expense of having a custom professional site done which is in the works now.

Dave, thanks not only for more success with women but in my life in general.

Things are definitely going to the next level for me and this bit of business success has also changed my perspective and my "reality" with women in a big way too, and when I go out it's obvious that they know it without me having to say a word.

Phoenix AZ


Yes, as you can probably tell, I've read quite a few "self help" books myself, and spent a lot of time reading "motivational materials".

I found something VERY SIMILAR to what you found in my journey over the last few years...

Guys who go from unsuccessful to successful with women also tend to find success in other areas of their lives as well.

There's something about being CONFIDENT in the fact that you can leave your house anytime, any day, anywhere and meet women that kind of puts your mind "at ease".

I can remember five years ago or so in my own life... when I was single, I was insecure.

That was that.

If I didn't have a girlfriend, I felt this STRONG insecurity and weakness. It was a kind of "shadow" that covered all of the other areas of my life.

Now things are very different.

By the way, let's face reality for a minute... most guys are trying to be successful in life to attract women.

Why do guys try to earn a lot of money?

Why do guys strive for fame?

Why do guys compete with each other?

Of course, it's not ALL for women. But it is MOSTLY for women in the long run.

Back to what I was saying...

Now that I can meet women anytime I want, it has freed up a part of my mind that used to be devoted to trying to figure out how to get a girlfriend... and worrying because I didn't have one.

And, of course, my own personal success has improved as well.

I think you're right on track here... thanks for the email.



Finally a chance came to really test your book and I was overwhelmed by the results. I had gotten your online book about 6 months ago and now that I'm out of Student Teaching I have time to put it to work. I was the DD for a trip to a really hot club in NC. I overcame my fear of dancing and got out there. I was rejected by some girls but that didn't matter: I ended up spending some good time with the most INCREDIBLE looking woman I have ever seen. She is as if God had put her together out of all my favorite things in a woman.

I played by the rules. Left her and danced with several others just when things were looking great. Just before closing time I've got her by the hand leading her to the bar. A couple of cocky/funny minutes and I have her email and phone number. What a confidence booster!

Only thing is, she is spanish and doesn't speak english very well. Thank God I speak a little spanish myself. I just emailed her back (she wanted to know when I was moving to NC). But how to do C & F when English isn't the main language?


Boosted but needing help still.


lol... say what?

Now you know how to meet beautiful women, and you're emailing me to ask how to be Cocky & Funny by email with a woman who speaks a different language?

lol... you're killing me. (lol=laugh out loud)

Don't worry about being Cocky & Funny. This girl obviously likes you...

Cocky & Funny is a PIECE of the formula. Not the entire thing. In this case, open up your "Bridges" report that you got with Double Your Dating, and READ IT AGAIN

You need to get in FRONT of this girl again, and DO SOMETHING!

The hottest girl in the world is waiting for you, man. Don't dilly-dally.

Now get to it, and quit wasting time writing her love letters!



I am a 51 year old widower who had dated pretty attractive women in high school and in college. But after being married twice and falling into the "yes dear" routine, I had definitely become a "wussy" boy over the past twenty years. I had been dating a few women recently, but not getting to first base with the beautiful ones I really wanted to go out with. I thought it was because I was older, had a few gray hairs in my beard, and could stand to take about twenty pounds of the old "spare tire". Not so....

I started receiving your e-newsletter about six weeks ago and decided "what the hell have I got to loose?", let's try some of his suggestions, I'm not getting what I want anyway.... Well, I am now dating five different women between the ages of 35 and 47, three of them are drop-dead gorgeous. One I have been going out with for a while knows that I am seeing other women, but is OK with it as long as I still go out with her. A 39 year old I met online a month ago just wants to meet regularly for a "no strings attached" sexual relationship and we've gotten together three times. I met her in person two days after I first wrote to her using your "Funny & Cocky" approach. She's the least attractive of the lot but one of the best lovers I've ever been with and even has me talking her to climax over the phone when we can't be together in person!

Dave, thanks for your help. I once again feel like the man I was in my twenties!



Wow, I'll bet your friends hate your guts right about now.

Then again, doesn't sound to me like you've had any time to call them... so what the hell.

Isn't it interesting how different things can be when you know how to communicate with women in a way that triggers their ATTRACTION?

Women love the play, the challenge, the mystery, and the EMOTIONS that they feel when you use this stuff.

Great job, and thanks for the email.

Oh, and I personally believe that any man who utters the words "Yes, dear" as a serious response to a woman should be taken out back, beaten until crying (which probably wouldn't take long), and forced to wear an uncomfortable, tight-fitting dress to the chalkboard. at which time he should be made to write "I will stop acting like a Wuss Bag" four million times.

Nothing personal, mind you...


My shy demeanor while standing back and hoping my looks will attract has provided little success with the hot women I wanted to meet. I am 44 years
old and have been doing this shy respectful what does she think of me frame forever and real results where just not happening.

I bought your advanced series and was hooked. Reframing and not caring about the outcome is so powerful! On the first night out after listening to your series was fantastic. I went to a concert with a friend of mine and I immediately interacted with a very attractive 25 year old at the refreshment counter. At intermission we were back for more with her but just not really getting in. At that moment I stopped 2 very hot women walking by and proceeded with cocky and funny and a who cares about the outcome frame and within two minutes one of them was asking for MY number and actually initiated a kiss!

Women are Competitive, I turned around and this attractive server was wide eyed smiling and also proceeded to also ask for my number. I am getting together with both of them after they initiated the first call to me the very next day! I felt that power in almost every situation I encountered that night and ended up with 8 phone numbers in total!

This was only my first step with so much more to come. Your series was clearly the best investment I have made in this women and dating area! IT WORKS!!!

Thanks David

Milwaukee, WI


8 Phone numbers in one night out.

For a "shy and respectful" 44 year old guy.

Not bad, I'd say.

BUT THAT'S not the BEST part!

The BEST part is that you "GOT" an important lesson. You realized that women are VERY, ULTRA, MIND-BOGGLINGLY COMPETITIVE. (Don't you love it when you say a word, but you don't know if you made it up, but you don't care either because it was perfect?)

Yes, women are VERY competitive with each other.

And one of the STRANGEST aspects of this competitive nature is that the MORE
ATTRACTIVE a woman is, the more COMPETITIVE she usually is with other women.

I can't figure this one out for the life of me, but hey... I don't ask why electricity works. I just flip the light switch on.

Married guys often get more than their fair share of attention from women.

If you're out on a date with a super-hot woman, other women will look at you (and her) more.

If women see you talking to other women, they will be more likely to talk to you.

If you walk into a bar and talk to every woman in the place, other women will see it and be more receptive to you.

Are these universals? No. But they do TEND to be true in most cases.

And the situation you mentioned... talking to one or more women, then stopping to talk to DIFFERENT women, then turning BACK to the first one or ones you were talking is is VERY POWERFUL.

It "says all the right things" without you even having to "say" anything.

It's like strong eye contact, or slow and deliberate movements. It's something that INSTANTLY communicates everything that you need to say without words.

By the way, thanks for calling my program the best investment you've ever made "in the women and dating area". I put a lot of time and energy to make it the best, and it's great to hear that it's working for you.


Hi David,

I'm B and I'm eighty one years old. I've been on your mailing list for some time and think that what you are doing is truly marvelous. Just being on your list has changed my outlook on relationships and self respect. Habits of deference to females is pretty ingrained in old guys like me, but I'm trying to adjust to your inspiration. I've been "dating" a couple of younger (60-70s) for bike rides and such and thank you for new insight.

You are a national treasure.
B (old high school teacher)


Now THAT'S what I call cool...

You have to write me a story about one of your "younger gals"... this is going to be VERY interesting.

I love my job.


Hi David,

I have your Advanced Dating Techniques DVD set and it was well worth the money spent many times over. It has been amazing to see how many mistakes I have made over the years with women due to a weak inner game and understanding of women. Thank you for taking the time and energy to put this series together. I am finally "getting it." I am now putting your techniques into practice with a new confidence and will report back soon I'm sure with success stories.

My question is when using online dating services such as, what is an effective way to describe yourself in your profile, what you're looking for in a mate, and also what are effective methods for an initial email to a woman of interest?


Irvine, California


It sounds to me like you haven't listened to the ENTIRE program yet.

Later in the program you'll find that I have actually provided you with examples of profiles that I've personally used to meet women online, several examples of instant message conversations, and insights into the psychology of meeting women using the internet.

I met my last girlfriend on the internet, actually. She's 5'10" tall, and the hottest woman you've ever seen in your life. Not to mention intelligent, funny, emotionally stable, and a joy to be around.

And she contacted ME first.

ALSO, I interview one of my good friends who taught ME how to meet women online... and he shares some of his secret strategies as well.

A hint about most of these personals sites that most guys don't know:

If you update your profile, it brings your ad back "to the top of the pile" and more women see it.

So update your profile DAILY. Even a small change will do.

That one little tip will EXPONENTIALLY increase your results...


It's all in there.

...and speaking of "It's all in there", if you're reading this right now and you haven't invested in my "Advanced Dating Techniques" program, then TIME IS A WASTIN'.

Remember a year or so back when I wrote a KILLER newsletter about how to use personal ads to meet women?

Remember the exact word-for-word example response that I included in that newsletter?

If you do, then you remember all the guys who wrote in over the following month or so talking about using that "cut and paste" to get tons of responses from women.

That particular newsletter is reprinted word-for- work in my Advanced Dating Techniques Program.

Guess what else is in there?

Oh, a few things like all of my PERSONAL approaches that I use with women... the exact words I use myself that I don't share ANYWHERE except in that program and in my LIVE SEMINARS.

Things like the specific exercises that I have used PERSONALLY for YEARS to improve my own self image and overcome my own fears of women.

Things like live interviews with five of my friends who are AMAZING WITH WOMEN... so you can SEE and HEAR them... and understand how they communicate... and listen to the exact things they do to meet women...

Things like exactly how to smoothly take things to a "physical level" with a MINIMUM RISK of "rejection". These techniques are so powerful that I personally guarantee to you that women will comment on them and even THANK YOU for using them. I know, sounds a little hard-to-believe, but I'm not kidding.

The point is that this program is the best thing available... and it will teach you more great ideas than anything you'll find anywhere at any price.


I'm trying something else that is even MORE crazy than offering my eBook for a free trial.

Here's the deal.

I want you to have this program.

I am convinced that it will change your life, and help you meet more women.

I 've set up my ordering system so that you can order my program, and NOT PAY ANYTHING up front for it.

In other words, you don't have to decide now.

You can order it, watch or listen to it all the way through, THEN decide if you want to keep it.

If you don't want it, send it back. No questions and no hassles.

If you want to keep it (and I'm betting that you will), you'll make three easy monthly payments (so it's easy on your budget).

The time is now, and the deal is unbeatable.

Free samples, and all the details are here:

If you'd like to download my online eBook Double Your Dating for a free 7 day trial, click here... you'll be reading it in just a few minutes from right now:

Free Newsletter And Download eBook

I'll talk to you again soon.


Your Friend,

David DeAngelo

P.S. If you'd like to send me a Success Story, Question, or Comment, follow these guidelines:

1) Keep it short and to the point. Two paragraphs max.

2) Tell me what's working for you before you ask your question. I appreciate all of the "Your stuff is great" and "I don't need to tell you how well your stuff works" comments, but the fact is that I DO need to hear all of the specifics... because this helps other guys to see what's working in different situations.

3) If you have a Success Story, write "Success Story" in the subject line of the email. I read these first.

4) At the end of the email, give me your initials and tell me where you're from.

5) Send it to me at:

...don't just hit "reply" to this email.


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