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Online Dating Photo Deception

Author: David M

How can you tell what she really looks like and how can you bust on her for the glamour shots picture?

You and I’d be sitting here for hours talking about all the women I’ve met who didn’t quite look like their photos…

The kicker is, some of them looked even BETTER than their photos.

I know from 1st hand experience that a LOT of girls will use the BEST picture they ever took and put it up.

Can’t blame them…

The old joke is women lie about their weight, and guys lie about their height.

But its your job to make sure she fits in with what YOU want in a girl.


1. If she’s got pictures and they’re ALL head-shots, then I might be a bit suspicious, ESPECIALLY if she’s listing her body type as ‘athletic’ or ‘toned’.

Thats b.s. she’s fat.

2. If she’s got one of those ‘glamour shots’ (does anyone still do that stuff?) then you need to tease her for it.

You can say something like: ‘Are you going to get dressed up like that for every guy you meet?’

Or, ‘If you don’t wear that outfit when we meet I’m going to be VERY disappointed with you’


You can also say something like:

‘I think I’ve seen you before, I’m not sure where, but I do remember seeing that dress before ’

‘Hey, what’s with the drivers license picture on the profile?’

OR you can use it in a P.S at the BOTTOM of your email.

P.S. Whats’ with the drivers license pict. in your profile?

The point is you’re teasing her about what she’s done, she’ll feel the need to justify herself and/or qualify herself to you and then you’ve got the upper hand.

If she’s got a few normal pictures heres a easy way to check her body type:

1. Look at her arms. For me a HUGE turnoff is a girl with chubby arms.

That immediately says to me that she might not take care of herself physically and she might be a bit bigger than I’d like.

2. Look how wide her shoulders are. If its narrow then odds are she’s thin, if its wide, then odds are she’s more athletic regardless of what she says.

This should help you filter out some of the women that aren’t as desirable as you might think at first glance.

One of the BIGGEST things I look for is when a girl only has 1 photo of herself, for me I tend to not email her.


Because odds are its not a ‘real’ profile if you know what I mean.

David M

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