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Goal of The Second Email

Author: David M

NightVision - I am including this David M article because many of my fellow brothers are making the mistake of dragging the email interaction way too long. Online seduction just like sales is about closing and closing. Over selling and you have lost the deal.


Heres the deal. The goal of that 2nd email is to get her number. If she’s not giving it up, then its more than likely due to one of a few things:

1. You messed up somewhere along in the sequence
2. She’s got low interest/attraction level for you
3. She’s getting hit up by guys that ARE doing the right thing

I don’t let anything these women do affect me. You can’t because its just another TEST.

Think about this for a second….

You’re getting emailed 30-100 emails a day from guys ALL wanting you. Day after day after day…

Eventually you’re going to be a PRO at figuring out which one of these guys is full of it and which are confident.

These women are TESTING you to see if you’re going to break like 95% of the guys out there.

You need to never worry about what she says or does and only focus on YOU.

2nd email, GET HER NUMBER. Thats it.

If she doesn’t give it up, its because one of those 3 reasons and then you need a plan B.

David M

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