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How To Create A Online Dating Profile

Author: David M

I’ve been getting a lot of questions from readers about profiles.

Everyone seems to want to know *how* to set up their profile in the best way to get more success.

Well, I have some SHOCKING news for you.

But before I get to it, I wanted to tell you a quick little story of what happened to me today.

Its about 5 p.m. I go outside to the mailbox… open it up and I see this nice slick catalog/brochure from apple.

I walk inside and put down all the mail and continue to look it over because it was just really sweet looking.

The photos were stylish, the design was clean and the brochure just got me in that buying mood.

So what did I do?

I put the magazine down and went to their website to read more but I didn’t buy anything.

Now why am I telling you this story?

Because your profile is just like that brochure. Its just there to look good and give her a point of reference. its NOT going to make her say: “YES, I want this guy right now.”

Believe it or not, the profile isn’t one of the most important things. Yes it is important but lets not overdo it.

Girls want to see that you’re not some dumbass, psycho, stalker etc.

The purpose of the profile is to show her that theres a brain behind the face. To show her that you’re actually a cool, relaxed guy. That you’re FUNNY. You have a sense of style.

These are all attributes that your profile should have.

And if it doesn’t then take it down and fix it ASAP

I hear it now, someone is going to say:

“But, Dave, exactly what do I put in it?”

Heres a SAMPLE of how I might structure this. Notice I said might. I don’t want to give you absolute specifics because then what happens?

EVERYONE and their mother takes the same stuff and then the girls catch on that we’re all using the same stuff and it ruins it for everyone.

On the Insider Internet Dating CD I actually show you my EXACT profile so you can learn from watching.


1. Intro

I’d start with something catchy…mention something about why your profile is different, or what she must go thru on these sites…

2. Some basic info

Age, eye color, build, what you do…the basics

3. Now go a bit further

Give her some more cool info….fun things you like to do, hobbies, what you like to do for fun.

***And no, you can’t start talkng about the vertical slide (Hint Hint)

4. Start to qualify her

Ask a question…like are you a cool fun girl that likes to be active on the weekends?

If she emails you back then she seems to think she fits in there. But again, the profile is just there to convey some basic stuff so you don’t need to stress out too much over it.

Shes not going to talk to your profile. She’s going to talk to you, IF you do the right things.

If you do, you’ll get her number, then you’ll charm the living heck out of her and do ALL the right things.

When you’re talking about what you like in a woman, I’d be a bit ambiguous and not really talk about PHYSICAL features but rather talk about personality traits that you’d like her to have.

“Someone thats got more going for them than their looks”.
“A woman thats got ambitions in life is very appealing to me…”
“A woman that thinks sexxy usually is sexy”.

Stuff like that.

My style is all about charm. Its about being cocky and funny but in the right situations… and all the while adding charm so she can’t help but dig you.

Remember the profile is there as a reference. Its like a brochure the salesman gives you. Odds are you’ll look thru it and if its got nice pictures and some interesting words then it helps.

David M

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