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Author: David M

I’m sitting here at home, on my apple laptop, and without even leaving my bedroom I was able to find 20 new women I was somewhat interested in on a couple of dating websites I use.

I sent them each an email.

An email that I SLIGHTLY modified for each of them, and within 45 minutes… I was sitting with 13 responses.

Sent 20, got 13 responses. (keep following)


(if you call it work, its pretty much just COPY AND PASTE)

Unfortunately,  like you and I both know, having a woman responding to your initial email, doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to get their number.

(although I have do an unfair advantage IID)


And within 2 hours, I had 10 new emails conaining the phone numbers of 10 lovely (and attractive) women who are all *VERY* eager to speak to me.

Sent 20, got 13 responses. Got 10 phone numbers (not bad but I ended up with another reply with phone number later on in the day. I ended up 12 numbers.)

For some guys reading this, what I just mentioned sounds like a scene from of a movie.

It just doesn’t seem real.

I can totally relate because a few years ago this used to be nothing more than a fantasy for me too!

Now his fantasy is a typical day for me.

It’s not really hard to get a woman to respond and then give you her phone number… IF you understand the PROCESS behind meeting women on the internet.

Exactly what did I send these 20 women that was so interesting they were FORCED to write back?

Simple, I’ll tell you in a second, but before I get to that let me explain something very relevant and very important.

One of the things I talk about in the program is my ‘templates’.  They’re basically email sequences I’ve tested and refined over 4 years.

Copy and paste templates for every type of situation you may run across when meeting women online.

And I mean EVERY situation.

Constantly refining them over and over until they were so GOOD women wouldn’t even know you sent something similar to 30 OTHER women as well.

Ok, back to what I sent to these 20 women…

Heres the sequence I sent them:


Mention something about what you really think about meeting women thru the internet


Yes, I’m talking about you picking on her.  If there’s something she’s wearing, a pose she’s in, the type of photo or something she says bust on her for it!

(this is where the email is customized for each individual women)


Take 1 small sentence and highlight something about yourself. Remember to keep it *very* BRIEF.


What do you want her to do after she reads this email?

Tell her what you’d like her to do.


This is where you place your name and your email address… make sure you use the right format or it will be filtered out and she won’t see it.

That is what I sent all of them.  Thats the EXACT sequence I used… Next week odds are I’ll use a different sequence and perhaps it might work even better than this one.

I’m always trying out new things.


Just like I show you in the program, I simply copied and pasted my ‘phone number’ email, which pretty much always gets you their phone number.

Yes, it REALLY is this easy.

That sequence I’ve tested and refined COUNTLESS number of times and its only one of SEVERAL that I have and one of about 8 that I share with you inside the Insider Internet Dating program.


Heres what you’d have to do:

STEP 1. Create an email

STEP 2. Create another version of it only change something in it.

STEP 3. Send both out with SEPARATE headlines so you can keep track of which one gets more responses.

STEP 4. The one that gets more responses you keep, the other? Get rid of it.

STEP 5. Rinse wash repeat. That means just do the same thing over again.

I must tell you…

For your sequence to have anywhere near the effectiveness that mine have, you’re going to have to conduct around 423 tests.

What I mean is you’re going to have to do that whole set  of steps I just mentioned 423 DIFFERENT times!

Yes, I know it’s crazy…  and I’m nuts for doing it, but I actually conducted around 423 tests that took me over 3 years to do.

I tested ALL kinds of stuff…. from headlines, openers, questions to ask, days of the week to email and a whole lot more.

If you’ve got all that time on your hands, and the energy to do it then by all means go for it.

For most of us, thats NOT an option.

99% of us don’t have time, we work and turning dating into a scientific experiment isn’t something we consider fun.

ESPECIALLY after a day of listening to your boss, or dealing with customers.

In fact, if I had to do it again, I probably wouldn’t be able to do it… it was THAT much work.

What you now see is the end result of this hard work. (i.e. more results in less time.)

That is what meeting women online is about…

More results, with less effort. Meeting women online the way I do it,  is so much fun because you know exactly what you have to do each step of the way and it  doesn’t take much time to do.

If you’re reading these emails and saying to yourself ‘I really need to improve what I’m doing’ because you’re NOT getting the results you want with meeting women online then  I couldn’t agree with you more.

Getting success with this part of your life doesn’t just ‘Happen’.

Sure you might have some good experiences here and there because you were either speaking to the right girl at the right time or got a girl that was more needy than you were…

But consistent success with meeting women online is the result of knowing EXACTLY what do do each step of the way and then being able to do it.

Its about learning the exact PROCESS.

I have the most amazing education system for meeting women off the internet that will teach you just that.

I’ve never published the material you find in Insider Internet Dating. It’s never been part of any course or seminar talk I’ve ever done.  No one knows about it except for my own students.

You won’t find it anywhere.

Any guy can use it, it will work on any dating site and it will help you put your dating on AUTOPILOT.

The best part?

This program is available RIGHT NOW and I’d like to send it over to you to  take it for a ‘test-drive’.

Grab your copy now and I’ll let you try it for 45 days.

If you don’t like it, send it back, we’ll still be friends….
no hard feelings.

Fair enough?

David M

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