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David Shade

If you find David Shade's writing useful in your life, consider picking up a copy of his eBooks here. He has also produced a highly acclaimed program for making your threesomes fantasy come true.

David Shades Profile: Who is David Shade?

David Shade - Many years ago, I wanted to learn how to be a better lover. I went to the bookstores many times, buying books on how to be a better lover. I read all the books. They were somewhat disappointing.

*Masterful Lover Mail Bag*

Masterful Lover Mail Bag is David Shade's email correspondents with his students.


Customer reviews for David Shades eBook.

Lost Chapter From "The Game"

Average Rating: 4.11 [Total Votes: 50]

Neil Strauss aka Neil Strauss , David - I first met Neil Strauss in March of 2002. I was at dinner with a number of pickup artists in San Francisco. I had heard a lot about this guy named "Style" and was looking forward to meeting him.

What Women Really Look For In Men

Average Rating: 4.28 [Total Votes: 49]

David Shade - This discussion is in the context of women who are for the most part emotionally healthy. First of all, you should only be concerned about emotionally healthy women, and secondly, emotionally unhealthy women are driven by unhealthy needs.

Self Esteem

Average Rating: 4.88 [Total Votes: 31]

David Shade - After my nine year marriage ended in 1992, I was determined to find out what I had done wrong. Why did my marriage fail? I read every book about relationships that there was. I went to a counselor. I talked to hundreds of recently divorced women...

What It Means To Be A Masterful Lover

Average Rating: 3.13 [Total Votes: 8]

David Shade - You derive no greater pleasure than pleasing a woman. You love nothing more than to give a woman the most powerful long lasting orgasm of her entire life.

Your Most Powerful Tool In The Bedroom

Average Rating: 4.00 [Total Votes: 30]

David Shade - During my last two years of college, I had a college sweetheart who I found to be very cute and sexy. She also happened to be very intelligent, very high self esteem, and extremely sexual...

Remote Control Egg

Average Rating: 4.90 [Total Votes: 17]

NightVision - this is a good example of taking the lead, domination and being unpredictable. David Shade uses many techniques including NLP to pleasure his partners. He reveals his techniques in his manual.

The Deep Spot

Average Rating: 4.76 [Total Votes: 25]

David Shade - Back in '93, I was dating a 22 year old woman who had never had an orgasm. She did have one long term boyfriend, so I knew that intercourse or oral would not do the trick. So I just took my time finding what would feel good for her...