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Bad Boy Vs Nice Guy

Author: David Shade

When to be "aggressive" and when to be "polite"....

***EMAIL from Jenny:

Hi David,

I don't mind aggression when making love. Sometimes it really turns me on.

My man is an amazing lover. It's in the way he takes control of my body. He pulls and moves my body aggressively in different positions. It shows that he wants to give me sex that I enjoy. He would massage my vagina with his fingers very intensely. Its wonderful, even better than when he uses his penis. I love it.

At the moment I can't seem to get enough. I just seem to want to do it all the time. I don't want to stop wanting it either.


Jenny, may your email serve as an example to men that women are highly sexual creatures. And when it's really good, women can't get enough of it.

***EMAIL from John:

Is there lots of women that don't like the aggressive badboy attitude at all? I mean, what about the important aspect of "politeness and manners"?



A lot of women are turned off by the aggressive attitude of badboys, if by "aggressive" you mean rude and pushy, and if the context is outside the bedroom in social situations.

Outside of the bedroom, and in social interactions, most women prefer "politeness and manners." It's just human nature.

But as you look around, you find that badboys tend to get the girls, while nice guys don't. Women are often seen crying on the shoulder of a nice guy "friend" as she suffers through the extreme emotional highs and lows of a relationship with a badboy "lover."

Badboys are aggressive. Nice guys are polite. And thus, a lot of "reforming nice guys" who want to be "exciting badboys" will try to act aggressive. But they just end up being rude wimps.

But a lot of it has to do with context. As I have discussed at length before, women want to be treated like a lady in the living room and ravaged like the slvt that she loves to be in the bedroom.

And women know that badboys can ravage them. And I'm talking about the dangerous to know, impossible to tame, badboy. (And I'm talking about MOST women, at least once in their lives.)

Badboys are exciting. For a woman, the sex is awesome with a badboy. He is dominant, he talks dirty to her, he makes her do things she is too inhibited to do, and she loves it. It makes her feel sexual. It is extremely exciting for a woman to experience these intense sexual feelings.

Badboys are masculine. The feminine in a woman is attracted to the masculine in a man. And with a badboy, it is extreme. It is this contrast that is so alluring to a woman. It makes her feel sexy and feminine.

Badboys lead an exciting life. They are daring and live on the edge. Women want to be part of it to make their
own life more exciting.

Badboys are mysterious. They have a dark side that
women are endlessly curious to know. She never really
feels she knows him.

Badboys cannot be tamed. Women are nurturing creatures, and are thus compelled to save him. She is determined to rescue him by teaching him how to love.

Badboys are fearless with women. He will woo her by being sweet and gentlemanly, while she is drawn to his masculine confidence.

Badboys are addictive. She becomes so wrapped up in her experience that she realizes she needs it. And the badboy knows it.

Once she becomes addicted, the bad side of the badboy comes out.

Badboys are selfish. He inconsiderately takes and takes, and she gladly gives and gives even more in order to keep him because she is addicted to the exciting sex.

Badboys are secretive. She begins to notice things he is keeping from her. Things about his dark side that would be self incriminating.

Badboys make promises of fidelity and then deny their indiscretions. When she learns he has cheated, she is hurt, but she needs it, so she works even harder to save him.

Badboys are paranoid. He knows that other men do exactly the same thing. Thus, he becomes very jealous and possessive of his women. He becomes controlling in order to keep her to himself.

It is incongruent. The internal incongruency is another form of weakness.

Most every highly sexual woman has at least once in her life been with a badboy. This is true for both high self esteem and low self esteem women.

For the high self esteem woman, she eventually can't take the drama any more, and she leaves him. It is probably the most emotionally traumatic thing she will ever do. It is heart wrenching for her because she has become so addicted to the

After a woman has been through the roller coaster ride with a badboy, she will forever avoid inconsiderate jerks. But she will always crave those intense sexual feelings.

Let me repeat:

She will ALWAYS crave those intense sexual feelings

And it is because she craves those intense sexual feelings that there is a tremendous opportunity for you. So you can thank the badboys for doing some of the preparation work for you.

I have studied the badboys for many years, because I wanted to have the same kind of powerful sexual affect on women. But I was determined to go beyond even that. I was going to figure out everything it takes to have that powerful affect on a woman and still have all the other things that a woman must have, because when all those other things are true...

It makes the sex even more awesome.

So when you step into a woman's life, she sees that she could have all the things she has always wanted, and she begins to become excited about the possibilities.

You are masculine without being macho.
You are dominant without being domineering.
You are exciting without being reckless.
You are mysterious without being deceiving.
You are considerate without being placating.
You are strong yet gentle.
You are forthright and trustworthy.
You are sexually exciting in the bedroom and a gentleman in the living room.
You are a man in every respect.
You are a Masterful Lover.

I have documented all my research and and experiences in "The Secrets Of Female Sexuality" where I discuss at length what it means to be the kind of man that has a powerful sexual affect over women.

And I discuss all those things that you must make true for her in order to drive her crazy and bring out that ruthlessly expressive slvt in her.

You can learn from the badboys just how very powerful it is to talk dirty to a woman in bed. For most women, it is extremely exciting. But many men have reservations about doing that, or don't really know what is appropriate to say or not appropriate to say. There are certain things that powerfully turn on a woman, and there are other things that absolutely must be avoided. And this is especially true for high quality women.

I discuss all these things, with specific examples of what to say, on my audio CD called "The Art Of Sexy Dirty Talk." My girlfriend also speaks and gives a woman's perspective on the subject. She will tell you just how important it is, and tell you some of the rules.

You can also learn from the badboys about what they do to get a new sexual relationship off to an exciting start. And you can avoid their mistakes. I discuss this on my hour long audio CD called "How To Set The Foundation For A Wild Sexual Relationship."

When I receive your question, you will receive an invitation to a free upcoming teleseminar, where I will address all the questions. Plus, you will receive a link to listen to my most recent teleseminar. And if your question is on-topic, I will personally answer your question in email.

And I love to hear success stories too. I want to hear all the per.verted dem.ented things that you and your woman have experienced together. Those stories always get a personal response.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

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