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Author: David Shade

Many years ago, I wanted to learn how to be a better lover. I went to the bookstores many times, buying books on how to be a better lover. I read all the books. They were somewhat disappointing.

Though there may have been one paragraph in each book worth quoting, they were all the same. Some books spent 20 pages on just how to lick the clitoris. Some wrote about how you have to have "communication" and "dialogue". Communication and dialogue are all good, but that is not what is going to give women orgasms!

And some of the books were written by men that seemed like wimps. None of the books were giving me anything useful, let alone anything powerful.

It seemed that it was the bad boys that were making women dripping wet. Has a woman ever cried on your shoulder because she is madly in love with the bad boy that treats her badly? I've been there. The bad boys never went to the bookstores to buy books on how to be a better lover.

In 1992, I found myself divorced, feeling defeated and alone. With nothing to lose, I devoted myself to diligent research and figuring it all out myself.

I read every book I could about female sexuality and fantasies. I talked to hundreds of women, maybe thousands. I dated a number of them. I tried new and different things. Some very interesting things were starting to happen. A pattern started to develop. I was beginning to form a concept for how things really worked. It was nothing like what society tells us.

I was giving women orgasms who had never had them. I was giving women vaginal orgasms in intercourse when they thought it wasn't possible. And I was giving women orgasms with just the sound of my voice.

Then in the mid 1990s, I got onto the Internet. I learned some leading edge psychological theories and powerful tools from renegade psychologists. Those researchers were shunned at the time, though now all the major marketing companies use their technique. I even attended a world renowned master hypnotist's training and learned hypnosis. Now that was interesting.

I started putting together all I had learned about women with these powerful psychological tools, and I stared getting very powerful results. Women were having orgasms like they never dreamed of, and in ways they never imagined possible.

I started writing about the things I had done with women. I received many replies to my writings, including questions for clarification and advice. I wrote more. I received more replies. Eventually I put all my writings together into one cohesive book called "David Shade's Manual" which is now a cult classic.

I leave the amusing, and sometimes sad, documentary of my journey to my more recent book called "The Secrets Of Female Sexuality".

I will tell you what I am not. I am NOT a sex therapist. There are many qualified people who can help you with personal issues, but they probably couldn't tell you how I am not a doctor or a lawyer. I cannot give medical or legal advice. And none of what I write is meant as personal advice. There are many qualified people who can help you with those issues, but they probably couldn't tell you how you can give your woman screaming orgasms.

What I am is a renegade sex expert who had the courage to go outside the boundaries of conventional wisdom to find the things that really work, and work very powerfully.

When it comes to teaching you how to give your woman wild screaming orgasms, and how to bring out her inner slut, I am a trained killer.

I have sold tens of thousands of books. I have been a speaker at sexuality and relationship conferences with hundreds of people in the audience. I have been on numerous radio shows. I have been interviewed by many experts for their interview series products. I get $500 an hour for consultation. All of this is because my stuff works.

Give Women Incredible Pleasure,

David Shade

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