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David Shades Masterful Lover Mail Bag

Author: David Shade

Masterful Lover Mail Bag is David Shade 's email correspondents with his students. If you find David Shade 's writings useful in your life, consider picking up a copy of his eBooks. He has also produced a program for making your threesomes fantasy come true.

David Shades Profile: Who is David Shade?

David Shade - Many years ago, I wanted to learn how to be a better lover. I went to the bookstores many times, buying books on how to be a better lover. I read all the books. They were somewhat disappointing.

How To Be Comfortable With Her Sexuality

I spoke at David DeAngelo 's "Power Sexuality" seminar in Los Angeles last summer. It was a pleasure to be an invited speaker, and it was great meeting all the guys who came to learn about gaining more sexual confidence.

Badboy Vs Nice Guy

A lot of women are turned off by the aggressive attitude of badboys, if by "aggressive" you mean rude and pushy, and if the context is outside the bedroom in social situations.

No Longer Arousable

My capacity to get aroused and stimulated from touches to my skin has diminished, while at the same time, my girlfriend seems to get more and more responsive to me.

Questions From 3 Naughty Women

Here are some interesting questions from three of the women on my list.

Orgasm Successes

She felt some pain the next day or two probably because she had never had that done to her before, and maybe because you did it too firmly for too long.

He Was Told To Be Bad In Bed

The idea IS to turn her into a sex maniac.  But who she chooses to do that with, and how much, is her decision. A decision she would make based on how she feels about you.

Shame And Guilt

Today I first answer an email and then I'll tell you about a customer of mine that I met.  Both hit on the same thing; being comfortable with sexuality.

Pathetic Lovers And Masterful Lovers

Here are two highly contrasting emails. Then I explain the reason why....

When Is Teasing Torture?

A man who IS personally and sensually powerful sees women as equals (opposite gender, but equal "value.")  He sees her as the feminine compliment to his masculinity.  He knows that she sees him as the masculine compliment to her femininity.  And that's the way it's supposed to be.  Simple really.

Disorientation After First Viginal Orgasm

I wanted a girl who would get freaky with me.  I wanted a girl to celebrate with me all the excitement that is possible with sexuality.  I wanted to feel like a man.  Getting to that point had a lot to do with learning to believe that I deserved it.

He Can Get Women But Not Keep Them

It is ok to not want a relationship.  And you certainly are not in any condition to have one, since you recently ended a very long relationship.  I hope you spent some time alone to get to know yourself again.

Should I Break Up With Her?

I have bad news for two guys.  But it will make their futures brighter...

The Bat Is Too Big

I am going to have to burrow terms from the sport of baseball. For example, a certain appendage will be referred to as a bat. You will see what I mean...

Dump Him

Here are questions from three more women on my list.

















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