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No Longer Arousable

Author: David Shade

Here is an interesting problem that one of my readers has found himself with....

Hi David.

Thanks for your great materials. I received your interview a few weeks ago, and got very excited about the wealth of potential ways I can pleasure my girlfriend. She has constantly remarked how I've made her come in ways that no-one else has before, and that she feels so at home sexually with me, which is fantastic.

I accidentally discovered her deep spot after simply experimenting with her body, taking things slowly, and building up sexual tension for her. Thanks to your manual, I've made her come giving me oral pleasure, through her nipples only, and to the sound of my voice.

However, I'm now at my own point of dissatisfaction.

Are we guys much more limited in the amount of sexual pleasure we can achieve and receive? I'm only 20 and am still learning about my body. But I want to come somewhere CLOSE to the kind of earth-shattering experiences we provide for our women.

Once I got together with my current woman, I could get so excited about the thought of ANYthing intimate we did.  But now I've realized there are a whole wealth of women I find physically attractive. I know that I could pleasure women that I've previously been nervous of.

My capacity to get aroused and stimulated from touches to my skin has diminished, while at the same time, my girlfriend seems to get more and more responsive to me.

I sometimes get disheartened at her lack of ability to arouse me as easily as just her touch used to.

I now even find it difficult to get aroused unless abstaining from sex for a time or using pornography. So I can't even masturbate to find out what pleasures me most. I know you're not a sexual therapist per se, and also not specifically for men, but I'd like to know your thoughts.


I commend you on making all those exciting things true for your girlfriend.  She will enjoy those talents for the rest of her life.  Good job.  And not to worry, your sexuality isn't over.  You have just become bored with her.

The situation you have described is exactly the same situation, but the other way around, that a lot of women find themselves in at one time.  They are no longer excited about sex.  They may even stop having orgasms.  Some don't even get aroused.  They can't even get excited through fantasies.  They don't even masturbate any more.  They become convinced there's something wrong with them.

Eventually little nuances become big irritations.  Little problems become big problems.  Arguments ensue. Eventually there is a break up.

What has really happened is that she has become bored with her man.  He no longer excited her.  Basically, she looses respect for him.  It has to do with who he is outside of the bedroom that affects what happens inside the bedroom.

Then she finds herself alone.  After some time she starts dating again and goes through a string of dorks and jerks.

But then... then she meets a REAL man. A man who stimulates her mind, who leads her, who brings out in her that sexual creature that yearns to live.

I discovered this after my divorce in 1992.  I started dating women who had recently divorced their man.  They had a long list of things they didn't like about their husband, but they really couldn't put their finger on the real problem.  And they actually thought there was something physically wrong with them because they were no longer excited about sexuality.  But they reached out in hope.  I brought their sexuality to life and they soon became crazed wild ruthless nymphos.

(There is a LOT of potential with such women.)

There is nothing wrong with your sexuality.  There is nothing wrong with your girlfriend's sexuality.  She is just not a match for you.  It has a lot to do with the woman that she is outside of the bedroom.  Basically, you have lost respect for your woman.

You have became bored with her as a person, and that always first manifests itself in your lack of sexual excitement for her.  Your subconscious mind is telling you something.  Sexuality is very much dependant upon the sub conscious mind.  Like someone once said "There is nothing more sincere than a lubricated vagina or an erect penis."

You need to discover women who can do those things to you.

But look at it this way.  You have learned some things you don't want in a woman, and you have learned some things you must have in a woman.

There's nothing wrong with you.  You're just human. You will rediscover your sexuality when you find a woman that you have respect for.


There is a down side to learning these new skills.  You tend to want to do it to more women, and you also become very picky about what women you choose to share this with.  But when you are with the right woman, it is exciting beyond anything you had ever imagined.

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Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

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