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Orgasm Successes

Author: David Shade

These men know how to do it...

***EMAIL from Melvin:

Dear David,

I used the "deep spot" finger method on my girlfriend just like you said and she got multiple orgasms within 20 minutes and they lasted for another 20 minutes.  Cool!
One question though; she had pain the next day or two.

Any Thoughts ?
Hi Melvin,

She felt some pain the next day or two probably because she had never had that done to her before, and maybe because you did it too firmly for too long.

But when a couple finds a new toy that works REALLY well, they tend to play with it a lot.

You won't need to do it as firmly in the future since she is now very responsive to your touch and she'll become more accustomed to it.

Have fun!

(Proverbial legal caveat: NEVER do anything that causes injury, consult your physician before beginning any exercising program, and other such things.)

***EMAIL from Justin


I just want to say thank you. I was with a girl last night that I was able to make her come twice vaginally, and once clitorally, she had never had a vaginal orgasm before. She said I was easily the best she's ever had. You are the man! You have given me more confidence and the ability to truly please women. Me, and every girl that has the wisdom to sleep in my bed, are very happy that you wrote your book.


Don't you just love to watch a woman have her first vaginal orgasm?  Beautiful.

"You have given me more confidence and the ability to truly please women."

Being a Masterful Lover is about knowledge and beliefs. Get the knowledge and you have the ability.  That with the right beliefs gives you the confidence.

***EMAIL from James
Hi David,

I have read your posts, and they have helped me enormously. I "discovered" the deep spot myself on a woman about 3 years ago, but your information has made me much more sensitive and skilled at it! My new girlfriend also loves when I massage her deep spot.


A lot of guys have written me and told me that they had discovered the deep spot in their own exploration in the past.  So when they read about it, they totally agree. It works very well in causing a very powerful vaginal orgasm.

***EMAIL from Dean:

Your products have given me a mind set that allowed my girlfriend to express her true self in our lovemaking. After making love she made comments like, "No one has fulfilled me like that before. This was the first time I released water when having an orgasm. It was fun and I felt like a women again!" etc. I have read a lot of books about the mechanics of lovemaking so I could be a better lover, but the real secret to giving a woman ultimate pleasure was in how I felt about myself, which she picked up on. It was my desire for her that released her to enjoy sex in a new and wonderful way. That is what your book, CDs, and newsletters have taught me.

I know if more men felt better about themselves they could transfer that into their relationships with women and attract those who are healthy.


That's what it's all about.  Allowing her to express her true self.  Bringing out in her that sexual creature that yearns to share.  It all allows her to enjoy all those things that come with being a woman.

And isn't that exciting when she squirts?  It shows how very excited she was.  So much so that she totally let go to you.  Awesome.  Good job!

It is so true that a woman can pick up on how a man feels about himself.  When she senses that he is a truly sexual man who is comfortable with his own sexuality, she knows that he can appreciate her sexuality.

When she knows that she is desired by a truly sensual man, in the context of respect, she finds herself desiring him.

Women yearn to share their sexuality with a man who can truly appreciate it and bring it out in her.  So when she meets such a man, she releases a tremendous amount of potential sexual energy.  

And it is interesting that when you are healthy and comfortable with your own sexuality, it tends to attract healthy sexual women.

***EMAIL from Oliver:
G'day David

Your material is gold and has helped my girlfriend and me to experience incredible pleasure.

My current girlfriend does not shudder after an orgasm, but leading up to and during, her face goes bright red, rapid heart rate, extreme facial expressions, often screams and sometimes squirts.

I have yet to ask her about her origins of squirting; it just happened and I praised her, told her how sexy it was and how delicious it tasted.

But this is the first time I've come across a woman who does not shudder.  Have you experienced this?

Some shudder, some don't.
But I gotta hand it to ya Oliver, you said EXACTLY the right thing when she squirted.  Good job!

***EMAIL from Casey:
I read your whole book, great stuff.

My question has to do with techniques for girls with pierced nipples. I recently ran into this for the first time, and the girl seemed to be reluctant to let me touch them, like they were too sensitive or something. So I'm assuming you have to handle them differently. Perhaps more gently.

The girl is age 20. The piercings are not that new. Thin girl, big boobs, C cups. I'm sure she's getting a lot of attention with those. We've met up twice so far.

I know she's into me and I've been very commanding. The first time I saw her I wasn't able to fclose, but that's not a big deal, did alot of other stuff, but she wouldn't take out the boobs. She seemed to enjoy a lot of my David Shade style dirty talk. Actually I threw so much great material at her in the first meeting, and got such a good reaction, I was pretty surprised we didn't have sex. But not a problem, there was a really nice vibe between us in general.

Second time we did have sex, but it was kind of in a weird situation. Didn't have a lot of time and we were in a really cramped space. Sex was not that amazing, but my oral technique was top notch. Used deep spot, welcomed method, she came twice and squirted. I was surprised to see a 20yo squirt, and found her to generally be more advanced than most girls that age.

Ok back to the boobs. First time she wouldn't take them out because that was the "point of no return." Fair enough. She said they're very sensitive. Second time she did take them out but "only if you will fvck me" as I was teasing her and making her beg for it. But when I did get them out, I kinda could tell it was different than dealing with unpierced. The rings are kinda in the way. I don't want to pull on them or hurt her, tried to work around them. Maybe I just need to be more commanding, as I am with everything else. Maybe I'm just out of my element cause I've never dealt with them before. But I'm not sure if it's a good idea to really ask her how to work with that, especially since I don't know her all that well yet. I usually prefer to come in and know exactly what to do and just blow the chicks mind, ya know. At least the first few times I think the chick prefers if she doesn't have to explain anything to you.

I think this girl is gonna be a real good one by the second and third time we do it, but I want to be prepared for pierced boobs in general, as it's becoming more common.

Thanks for taking the time to read emails and respond. I'm applying your material all the time and having a great experience with it.

I can tell that you are executing the material "masterfully!"
Don't be surprised she didn't have sex the first night. It was because she wanted to see you again.  It hurt her more than it hurt you for her to not have sex on the first night.

She didn't "take them out" for the "point of no return" the first night because she saw you as a sexual threat. She knew you would make her do things she didn't want to do :-)  That's a good thing!

On the first night she said they're very sensitive probably just as an excuse to not take them out.  She got them pierced for a reason.  She knew that if you were to stimulate her nipples, she wouldn't be able to control herself.

On the second night she took them out and said "but only if you will fvck me" because she wanted you so badly.  Outstanding!

And the fact that she came twice and squirted is evidence that you allowed her to be all the woman she loves to be.

You didn't say anything about pushing hard for the first night close, but I would bet that you didn't.  Good.  And it is because you didn't that she knew you respected her and she could trust you.  That's one reason why you got together a second time and had sex, and that she was readily able to orgasm and squirt for you.

It is not surprising that the actual intercourse was not that great, considering the time constraints and cramped quarters.  But it also had to do with the fact that it was the first time together.  No doubt the next time will be awesome.  There is a lot to be said for familiarity.

I can understand that you didn't want to pull hard on her nipple rings.  She sensed that and knew that you were careful to not hurt her.  She knows that you can "give it to her rough" and still be gentle with her and considerate of her.  She most certainly appreciates that about you.  She obviously feels safe with you, evident in the fact that she was readily able to orgasm and squirt for you.

She got her piercings for a reason.  It may have to do with the fact that her nipples are very arousing.  She is a highly sexual woman and her nipple piercings are there to enhance her sexuality.

I would believe that she has fantasies around what you should do with her nipples.  After you and her are more familiar with each other, you can simply ask her if she has preferences for how her nipples should be stimulated.  You won't loose any points for asking that.  The reason she got piercings is very individual to her, and she would be happy to share the story with you.

Rock on Casey!  You truly understand and implement the material.


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