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Pathetic Lovers And Masterful Lovers And Why

Author: David Shade

Here are two highly contrasting emails. Then I explain the reason why....

***EMAIL from Billy:

You came highly recommended - but I don't see your method working for us. My woman and I was on the couch and as I attempted to internerlize the ways to give her an orgasm, so after warming her up for a while I started the come hither motion with one finger and she looked as if she had that I'm at the doctor's office look in her eye... I tried the deep back bottom and top on both sides - she hated it. Her exact words were "none of that felt good to me" Ah I don't have another to try it on it just me and her. And there ain't no way she gonna have any thing to do with being hypnotised...she won't even meditate with me.



The reason why she had that "I'm at the doctor's office" look in her eyes is because she is not emotionally moved by you. You do not command respect with her.  She does not take what you say and do seriously.  I'm surprised she's still seeing you.  She won't for long.

It is much more than "rub here, rub there."  It is very much emotional and mental.  You need to understand that.

And the reason why she won't let you hypnotize her, and why she won't even meditate with you, is because she doesn't trust you.  Trust and respect, in the context of a relationship, are very much related.

***EMAIL from Randy:

Hello David,

I am writing to you so that I may share with you the success I have had with your Manual, and most importantly, thank you for being such a positive influence on my life.

I have wanted to write to you and express my thanks for all your help, but I was putting it off until I could write to you about succeeding in doing something that really caught my attention in your Manual.

[Throughout Randy's email, I am going to make references to chapters in my Manual that he is mentioning.]

I met a woman that passed the tests you taught me about being selective to find the "good ones."  ["How To Identify The Really Worthy Ones"]

We went out for some coffee at a place that I knew closed early (exit strategy if I did not like her, and reason to go back to my place if I did).  We were back at my place in a bit under two hours, were kissing an hour after that, and she was having her first orgasm with me about an hour after that.

The interesting thing about this one is that her first two orgasms happened while she was fully clothed.  The first orgasm left her with the most amazingly beautiful look of utter shock on her face!  She kept saying: "How did you do that? Oh my god, how did you do that?" ["Think Off"]

At this point, she wanted to get fvcked big time.  She was pulling at my clothes, but I made sure to remove hers first, ["Be The Man"] and then rub her clit briefly using a simplified version of the Welcomed Method. ["The Welcomed Method"] This drove her wild, and she said: "Oh my God, I can't even find it that fast!"

I wanted to be sure she would be vaginally orgasmic before having intercourse, ["The Consummation"] so I got her close and then slid my finger inside her and rubbed the front of the Deep Spot.  Boom!  She came really hard! ["The Deep Spot"]

I knew I had the green light at this point, so I gave her a moment to come to grips with all these new experiences, took the rest of my clothes off, worked her up with some sexy dirty talk, [my audio CDs] slapped on a condom, and with only the slightest bit of thrusting she came like crazy! [This is what happens!]

I was having some serious fun, so I went ahead and gave her a couple more, even though I had not ejaculated. But she was not going to let me get away with that, and so she rolled me over and went down on me.  I know she was not validating herself by doing so; she truly wanted to reward me for helping her feel sexier than she had ever felt before. [This is what happens!]  And since she was so wonderfully responsive in every way to me all night long, I was happy to show her how good I could come for her.

I decided to progressively train her, ["Sequential Training"] seeing her approximately one night a week so that she would have sufficient time to anticipate seeing me and drive her to fantasize about me. ["Expanding her Envelope of Sexuality"]

The second night I started things off with two more Think offs and then a nipple orgasm. ["The Nipple Orgasm"]

I then teasingly chastised her for fantasizing about me and showed her how she took "this hand" and "put it right here" and taught her to masturbate in front of me. [my audio CDs] We then had intercourse and I lost track of the number of orgasms.

The third night I did the Welcomed method on her and taught her to relax into her orgasm and sustain it. ["Sequential Training"]

The fourth night I did the humming clit sucking and that of course worked wonderfully. ["Assorted Tips"] She was fully convinced that anything I said would happen would, indeed happen.

I did her doggy while holding her hair and talking dirty.  ["Answers to Frequently Asked Questions"]  I've always fantasized about doing a woman doggy, and any time that I did in real life, I would come almost instantly because it was such a powerful fantasy for me. With the dirty talk, it puts my focus on the woman and her experience, which allows me to screw like crazy without getting overly focused on my own pleasure and ejaculating.  Having a woman in orgasm while I did her doggy was like climbing Mt. Everest and finally making it to the summit; it was a huge success for me.

The next night I did a ten count to orgasm, and I was actually a little bit unsure how she would respond, but she didn't skip a beat and came right on ten! ["The 10 Count To Orgasm"]

It was a weekend, so she stayed the night and the next morning I woke her up with her on her stomach and some morning wood pressed against her ass.  I get her turned on right away and she must have still been wet from the night before because I slid right in with very little foreplay.  I told her to reach under and rub her clit while I fvcked her.  You know the results.

I constantly prove to her with my actions that I am fully vested in her pleasure and that I am also interested in ALL of her emotions.  I do not rush getting to sex, I watch her to signal me, and then I will even slow her pace down to build anticipation.  I usually make her talk to me after sex. ["Sequential Training"]

Also, I have never formally induced trance in her since she proved to be so highly suggestible from the very beginning.  I decided that the experiences would be more powerful for her if she could not try to convince herself that she was having the experiences only because of hypnosis. ["Super Responsiveness" and "You Don't Need To Hypnotize Her"]

She eventually told me that before meeting me she had a difficult time even having one single orgasm during sex. I've been nurturing her fantasies ["Expanding Her Envelope Of Sexuality"] and she told me that she used to masturbate to the imaginings of movie stars or men with no faces; never someone she knew.  She now regularly fantasizes about me when she masturbates.

My lovely and willing love lab test subject was over at my house, but she was on her period. I could just tell that as much as she would prefer otherwise, she was expecting me to be inconsiderate of her situation and uninterested in her until her 'curse' had passed.  I saw this as a big opportunity!

I knew she could orgasm without me even taking her clothes off, [various chapters] so I proved to her just how sexy she could remain (to me and to herself) even during that 'time of the month.'  I did my little "magic trick", ["Think Off"] made her feel wonderful, and then explained to her that orgasms while menstruating message her reproductive organs, helping to eliminate pain and cramping.

She hugged me tight and was taken with gratitude for me doing something entirely for her benefit.  Of course, I
did not tell her that it was part of a larger process that she was unknowingly going through. I wanted her to have an orgasm while sucking my c ock. ["Now She Loves To Go Down"]

Fast forward to one month later (last night) and she is on my couch, anticipating some affection.  I've been developing her trust and responsiveness for some time now.  I had held back Think offs for a while, because I knew that I wanted to keep them fresh and exciting and powerful for this moment.

I gave her an orgasm fully clothed and she was just as taken by it as ever.  Then I took off her shirt and she went right ahead and took off her bra like a good girl. I proceeded with a nipple orgasm that had her once again in utter amazement.

I then got the dirty talk going dirtier and naughtier, getting her excited about going down on me.  She THOUGHT it was my turn to get off, but I had other plans (hehe) she went at it and I went to town with the dirty talk and progressed into more and more suggestions about how horny my c ock made her and how sucking me made her clit so hard, etc.  She of course continued with her 100% success rate of feeling everything I tell her to feel and had a powerful orgasm while sucking my c ock!

She knocked my wood down enthusiastically right after and then commented on how that was the wildest thing she has ever done!  I want to revisit that experience, so I made the suggestion that she was going to have a lot of fun fantasizing about what just happened.  She agreed, thus setting up regular rehearsal in her mind, making it a total reality for her. ["What Is Reality"]

Thanks man, I'm finally living my life, and you helped me make it happen.




The reason why she came so readily and often for you is because she is highly emotionally moved by you. You command respect with her.  She takes what you say and do seriously.  I'm not surprised she keeps coming back for more.
It is much more than "rub here, rub there."  It is very much emotional and mental.  You truly understand that Masterfully.

And the reason why you don't even need to hypnotize her, and why she is so highly responsive to you, is because she completely trusts you.  Trust and respect, in the context of a relationship, are very much related.

It is emails like yours, Randy, that inspire me.


In order for you to give your woman wild screaming orgasms beyond anything she has ever imagined, your woman must be highly responsive to you.

In order for your woman to be highly responsive to you, she must take what you say seriously.  Meaning, she must not challenge what you say, instead, she must immediately internalize what you say and accept it and immediately act upon it.  In other words, she makes real what you say.

In order for her to take what you say seriously, she must have respect for you.


Bad boys command respect.  Plain and simple.  But they don't treat others with respect.  That is because they do not respect others.  That is because they do not respect themselves.
Wimp nice guys treat others with respect, but they don't command respect, that's for sure.  That is because they do not require that others treat them with respect.  That is because they do not respect themselves.


Burn that word into your brain.  Consider that word in everything you do.

Do you command respect?  Do you demand that you be treated with respect?  Do you treat others with respect? Do you associate only with those people who treat you with respect?

And finally, do you treat yourself with respect?  Nobody is going to respect you unless you have respect for yourself.  You are not going to be able to respect others unless you have respect for yourself.

It all goes back to self respect.

And your woman is not going to be able to totally give herself over to you unless she has respect for you.

If you want to command the type of respect that Randy does, and if you want to totally amaze your woman with the power of her OWN sexual potential, then get my "David Shade's Masterful Lover Manual"
And to drive her crazy using the art of sexy dirty talk, get my Masterful Lover Audio CD set.
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And I love to hear success stories too.  I want to hear all the per.verted deme.nted things that you and your woman have experienced together. Those stories always get a personal response.

Stay tuned for my next newsletter where I answer questions about anticipation and teasing.  And you get to learn "The Hockey Shirt Trick!"

This one single move is totally awesome.
Give women incredible pleasure,


David Shade

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