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Questions From Three Naughty Women

Author: David Shade

Here are some interesting questions from three of the women on my list.

Email from Marian

Hello David,

I came across your book through my brother. (Haven't ordered it yet.) I feel like I am more curious and interested in finding out how to please my boyfriend more than he is. It seems like this book is for guys who are looking for more ways to be sexually creative with women, not the other way around, and I'm wondering if I will benefit from it.

To give you a brief understanding, my boyfriend is my first. He's 6 years older and sometimes thinks he knows everything. I like going on the net and finding new things out about anything that interests me (sex being one of them). I don't have a lot of experience with it so I guess I like going and finding out how to please the guy in different ways, techniques, whatever. He just looks down on this kind of thing.

I would be so pleased if he was equally interested, so that it would become a joint venture that would bring our intimacy closer.

I don't expect him to change and I'm not trying to make him change. I just want to change and improve myself as a woman, a human being, a friend. I just want to be the best I can be.

I appreciate your response and taking the time for my email.


My Response:


I receive so many emails from guys asking me how they can find a woman who is genuinely interested in pleasing the man. You are a refreshing example of just such a woman.

And you are a perfect example of a woman who is truly invested in the sexuality, and want to make it better all the time. Good for you!

You would really appreciate being with a Masterful Lover.

However, you currently are not. If you were to buy my Manual and show it to your boyfriend, he would never read it. Face the fact that he is a lousy lover and you cannot change him.

My Manual would not help you in the way you were hoping it would. In the last chapter, I talk about how none of this is possible until you "choose wisely." If you want to know what is possible in a sexual relationship and what you need to look for in a lover, my book would be priceless.

But first you need to ask yourself the question: Do you believe you deserve that which would make you happy and fulfilled, and are you willing to do what it takes?

Email from Stephanie:


I have a very handsome, hunk of a friend who won't even pursue a romantic relationship with a woman unless she is willing to go down the same path as him and agree to engage in FMF threesomes on a regular basis. Hell, we haven't even had sex ourselves yet, to see if things could work out for us, let alone another.

He had his first sexual experience at 14 and was done by two older young ladies and thinks this is why he wants it so much. Basically, he wants to establish a special love for his housemate but wants his housemate to bring home other women from time to time to participate in threesome sex. I have told him that I could only commit to trying it in the most perfect of situations and that I would just have to see.

But what I've seen on my end is no romance, no dating, no terms of endearment, not much of anything. I believe that if he really wanted to pursue this with me, he would at least try to show some kind of interest.

We have some great talks and spent one evening together with just a little foreplay. He hasn't even kissed me. Am I being played? Could he do this to turn away women who like him but that he has no interest in?

Your thoughts?

My Thoughts:

One problem with very handsome hunks is they have no appreciation. All throughout his life, attractive women have made themselves available to him, starting with the two women when he was 14. Women have always used him, and thus he never developed any capability for emotional intimacy. Such men end up being self centered and selfish.

Whether or not his experience at age 14 is why he wants to have threesomes, it is a lousy way of enticing a woman into threesomes. What's in it for her?

You said he wants to establish "a special love for his housemate" but wants his housemate to bring home other women for threesomes. What is his definition of "special Love?" Is that like "conditional love?" He has no concept of loving a woman.

There is one thing you said that I am very curious about. You said you spent one evening together with just a little foreplay, yet he didn't even kiss you. Now how did you have "just a little foreplay" but he didn't kiss you? Is there something that you kissed? Are you miffed that he did not even reciprocate by giving you some emotional intimacy?

What would motivate you to do that if he has never shown any interest or romance? You are compromising yourself.

You said you would consider having a threesome. But there is nothing in what you said that would indicate that you are even so much as bicurious. Instead, everything you said indicates that you would do whatever you have to do in order to get his validation.

You don't really want advice. You want to know how you can change him so you can use him for validation that you are worthy.

Email from Cindy:

Hi David,

I would like to know how to show my man how to give me an ultimate orgasm?

Thank You Cindy

My Comments:


If your man is open to improving himself and the sexuality you two share together, the best thing to do is tell him to read my Manual.

But if he has a fragile ego, you're hosed.

You might think that you could read it yourself and not tell him, and then describe to him what to do in the context of telling him what you like. But that wouldn't work, because it would not be in the context of you being led through an experience.

So it really comes down to what kind of man do you have?

Caution: if you read my Manual, you will become very jealous of women who are smart enough to choose to be with a Masterful Lover.


There is a tremendous amount of potential out there. Women crave to feel incredible pleasure, yet there are few men who know how to do it, or have the passion for it.

Women want to experience their sexuality to the fullest, and they want a man to share that with. Finding such a man is the hard part.

If you want to be that man, read my Manual.

When I receive your question, you will receive an invitation to a free upcoming teleseminar, where I will address all the questions. Plus, you will receive a link to listen to my most recent teleseminar. And if your question is on-topic, I will personally answer your question in email.

And I love to hear success stories too. I want to hear all the per.verted dem.ented things that you and your woman have experienced together. Those stories always get a personal response.

Give women incredible pleasure,

David Shade

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