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He Was Told To Be Bad In Bed

Author: David Shade

You'll find this first email to be hilarious...

***EMAIL from Jarred:

Hi David,

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine the other night about me and my current girlfriend. She and i (been together for 6 months) have never had sex before. I want her first time to be a positive experience because i really like her.

My friend who is rather experienced and successful with women mentioned that i shouldn't be good at sex with her for the first month or so because i run the risk of turning her into a 'whore', as he put it, because she may like it too much.

Is it possible to give her a 19yr old virgin great sex without turning her into a sex maniac? One of the reasons i like her so much is because she's very sexual but is definitely not 'loose'.



Thanks for the good laugh Jarred.

You're friend is telling you to be bad in bed so he can steel your girlfriend away from you.  He knows that if you're bad it bed, it will be easy for him.

The idea IS to turn her into a sex maniac.  But who she chooses to do that with, and how much, is her decision. A decision she would make based on how she feels about you.

She is a woman, and thus most likely highly sexual.  She will have many sexual partners in her life.  Does that make her loose?

You are afraid that you will not be able to harness and own her sexuality.  All the wrong perspective.  You should be thinking about how to bring her sexuality to life and make it a rewarding aspect of herself.

You have the responsibility of making a woman's first time an exciting and memorable one, but you won't get the opportunity if you keep trying to manipulate.

***EMAIL from Melanie:

Hi David,

I actually have three questions.

When me and my fiance have sex he doesn't show any emotional things like when he comes he doesn't scream or moan. What can I do to make him scream or moan? Because when a guy does that it makes me get off even more.

Second question. My fiance will not let me kiss his neck at all.  Why?  Doesnt that turn guys on?

I have this fantasy about having a threesome. What's it like to eat a girl out?  What should I do and not do?


It is very true that it excites a woman when her man is expressive.  Too bad you don't have an expressive man. You could tell him to be more expressive, but I doubt it will work seeing as he won't let you kiss his neck.
Some guys find that exciting, some find it irritating.  But the intelligent lover will welcome it and leverage it to ramp up your excitement. And he will suggest other ways that you can turn him on.

Something tells me that your guy has emotional intimacy issues beyond just what you have communicated.

What's it like to eat a girl out?  If you really want to know, go do it.

Believe it or not, most women are lousy at eating a girl out.  But a select few are extremely good at it.  If you want to be too, read my "Give Women Wild Screaming Orgams."

Go find yourself a Masterful Lover; a man who will excite you, a man who will respond to your sexuality, and a man who will make threesomes a rewarding mutually beneficial relationship enhancing reality for you.

Do you guys see how there is so much female sexual potential out there?  Here's a woman who wants to get off even more, who wants to turn her man on, and who wants to have threesomes!

Do you guys see that there are so many lame lovers out there?  And women are perplexed about it.  They just don't understand it.

The tragedy is that most women have nothing to compare it to.  Most have never been with a truly skilled lover. So in their limited context of experience, they just wonder "Isn't there more?"  

Interestingly, once they DO experience a truly skilled lover, they NEVER settle for less.  Without exception. It goes to the very top of the "must have" list, and everything else becomes a very distant second.

If you want be extremely good at eating a girl out, or if you want give a virgin her first experience that will ruin it for all the other guys, get my "Give Women Wild Screaming Orgams"
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David Shade

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