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What Do Women Really Look For In Men

Author: David Shade

This discussion is in the context of women who are for the most part emotionally healthy. First of all, you should only be concerned about emotionally healthy women, and secondly, emotionally unhealthy women are driven by unhealthy needs.

This discussion is also in the context of what women look for in the men that they might consider for a relationship. This does not apply to one-night stands, as women do not take such men as seriously. So, what do emotionally healthy women look for in the men they take seriously?

Don’t Ask Women

When women are asked what they look for in men, they usually say something like "a sense of humor" or "a nice guy." But that is not what they really respond to.

The fact is that most women are unable to articulate what it is they really look for.

Every woman grew up knowing exactly what she wanted in the ideal man, and the way it would make her feel to have that. It typically describes a handsome stranger who sweeps her off her feet. But it is that feeling she must have. A woman does not choose a man because of who he is; she chooses him because of how it makes her feel.

What Do Women Want? It Is An Age Old Question

Certainly a woman who is 21 wants something completely different than a woman who is 31. And we already know that women want a man that she can trust and respect.

So what is it? The trail of clues begins when she was very small....

While she was growing up and learning what it means to be female, she developed elaborate sexual fantasies. Early fantasies often begin as crushes. Typically she concentrated her romantic hopes and dreams on a movie star who she will never actually meet. In this context, she can imagine being in love without the complications of reality. It gives her mental practice at being desired, valued, and appreciated.

She grew up in the social programming that it is feminine and proper to be sexually submissive, and that it is unacceptable to be sexually forward. By being sexually submissive, she can enjoy sexuality without being to blame for it. She can be “slutty” without being a “slut.” Thus, she can be fully sexually expressive by simply following the lead of her man.

Therefore, in order for her to have a fulfilling sexual life, she is going to need a man who can lead her, such that she can experience those things that make her feel the way she has always wanted to feel. So she needs a man that she respects, because she will only follow the lead of a man that she takes seriously.

And in order for her to surrender to him, she needs to trust him. Only then can she give in to total abandonment.

She may also have fantasized about taming a rebel by teaching him how to love. This is the typical story in any romance novel. He is strong and independent. She makes him fall in love with her, a love affair that transcends all others. At the same time, she nurtures her own self-esteem and independence by imagining a lover who believes in her. He admires her for her intelligence and courage. So, she needs a man who can lead her and she needs a man who will respect her. Thus, the life of an adult woman is one of dichotomies. In her everyday life, she wants to feel like a lady, respected, and admired. But in the bedroom, she wants to be sexual; she wants to be fucked like the slut that she loves to be. That sounds like a contradiction. But she doesn't see it as that. It's what defines her as woman.

The question really should be:

What Do Women Actually Respond To?

Reality is there for all of us to observe.

When you observe relationships, you find that some relationships are more fulfilling and successful than others. For the successful relationships, both people are getting all the things they need. In the relationships that are not fulfilling, one or more of either of the two people's needs are not being met. This gives us a clue as to what women need.

She Knows When Something Crucial Is Missing

For example, when you observe women who went outside of their marriage, you find that they are obtaining that which they were missing in their marriage. For example, if the sex is boring, she will get an exciting lover. If the sex in the marriage is acceptable, but she feels that she is not being treated with respect, she will find a man who will treat her with respect. If she does not have emotional intimacy in her marriage, she will go out and have an emotional affair. When women go outside of their marriage, they are looking to have one or more of their needs met. For some women, if it takes two different men in order to get all her needs met, she'll do it.

Examples Of Various Men In A Woman's Life

The answer can be found by observing the various men that a woman has
been with in her life. The various men met some of the needs, but not all of

The Bad Boy

For example, take the all-famous classic bad boy. The bad boy gives her exciting sex. And because he is very masculine, he makes her feel sexy. But he is a self-absorbed jerk who cheats on her. She does not feel appreciated, and she probably is unable to feel any emotional connection. She often becomes addicted to him because the sex is so good and she feels so very sexual. She will try in vain to tame him, but it is fruitless. In an emotional breakup, she finally leaves him for good. At least the high self-esteem woman finally leaves him for good.

The Nice Guy

Then there's the classic nice guy wimp. He makes her feel appreciated, and he is able to establish an emotional connection with her. Unfortunately though, he's boring, or he's not masculine, so she doesn't feel sexy and doesn't feel turned on about sex. She'd love to marry him, because he'd be perfect for a family, but for some reason she keeps delaying the engagement. It's because he doesn't make her feel like a sexual creature.

The Emotionally Unavailable Guy

The closest she might get to the ideal relationship is the emotionally unavailable guy. He's not a wimp, and he's not a jerk. He may be masculine and give her good sex. He may be a gentleman and make her feel very appreciated. But there's one important thing missing; he's not emotionally available. She never feels emotionally connected to him. This is probably the biggest complaint women have. She found the ideal guy in all respects, but damn it, he's not emotionally available. She tries over and over to get him to open up to her, but it never happens. Women are emotional creatures, and they need it, so she eventually leaves.

The Gay Friend

There are other men in her life. There's her gay friend. She loves hanging out with him because he makes her feel sexy and he really makes her feel appreciated. She has a lot in common with him, but damn it, he's gay, and thus not an option.

The Mysterious Lover

And then there's the occasional mysterious lover. For many reasons she'd never ever consider him seriously for anything, but damn, the sex is good. Once every few months, when she is bored with how things are going for her, she'll call him up and go over for one thing, and one thing only; for the sex. And then she leaves hoping she will soon find the ideal man.

The Married Man

And finally, as one last example, there's the married man. Only low selfesteem women allow themselves to become a mistress, or in other words, a woman who wants what she can't have. He gives her exciting sex, he makes her feel sexy, and they share a deep emotional connection. But he won't leave his wife. So she doesn't feel special. And because she is low self-esteem, it is very difficult for her to leave. But let's get back to high self-esteem women.

So, those were examples of men in her life. As you can see, one or more of her needs are not being met in each example. And by looking at what is missing, you can conclude what she has to have.

Women may not know it, and most of them certainly cannot articulate it, but women need four things in order to be fulfilled.

There Are Four Things Women Must Have

First, she needs to feel appreciated for the unique individual that she is. She needs to feel special, unlike any other woman. And she needs to know that her man supports her in her endeavors.

Second, she needs to feel that deep intimate emotional connection. She needs to have that emotional intimacy with her man. It's a connection she shares only with him.

Third, she needs to feel like a woman. She needs to feel beautiful, sexy, and feminine. She needs to enjoy all those things that come with being a woman.

And finally, she needs hot passionate sex. She needs to be seduced, enticed, teased, and satisfied, over and over again. She needs to experience new things, in new ways, including fantasies and roles. It makes her feel desired, affirmed, and alive.

If Only She Could Have All That She Needs

Imagine if she could meet a man who met all of her needs. A man who made her feel appreciated, a man who evokes a deep powerful emotional connection with her, a man who makes her feel feminine and womanly and sexy, a man who gives her hot passionate sex. It's the kind of thing women dream about.

Through her life experiences she begins to understand what she must have in a man. Some look for it in handsome men, some in popular men. She must have that feeling. But through a process of trial and error, including disappointment and despair, she begins to understand what she doesn't want in a man. Like that guy who cheated on her, or that guy who was too much of a marshmallow.

If she meets a man who is exciting, she finds that he is reckless. So she
looks for a man who is considerate, but he becomes boring. So she goes
with a man who is macho, but he ends up being uninteresting. So she seeks
a man who is intelligent, but he is sexually bland. So she takes a man who is
dominant, but he is in every way demanding.

If she could only meet a man who had all the things that could make her feel what she needed to feel. A man who is exciting without being reckless, considerate without being boring, macho without being uninteresting, intelligent without being bland, and dominant without being demanding. That sounds like a contradiction. But it's not. A man does not have to be reckless to be exciting, and he does not have to be boring to be considerate. But most men don't understand that. Which is why women say....

A Good Man Is Hard To Find

So, when I talk to women, they light up when I talk about this. I will say to her "I have asked women what they look for in a man, and what they tell me is..." (And I hold out my left hand to the side) "On one hand, they find a man who is exciting, but he is reckless and inconsiderate." (And I hold out my right hand to the side.) "And on the other hand, they find a man who is considerate, but he is boring." (And then I point both of my hands to myself.) "If there could be just one man who has both, who is exciting AND considerate." They love that. And it all gets linked to me!

It is obvious why it is important that all four things be there. A woman is most fulfilled when she is with a man that she has everything with. But here is the extremely important aspect of all four things being there:

When All Four Things Are There
Each Thing Becomes Even More Powerful

That is when she is with a man that she is wildly crazy about. That is when she can allow herself to become completely naked to him in every way. That is the pinnacle. That is when she is with a Masterful Lover.

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