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How To Attract, Seduce, & Pick Up Women By Pick Up Artists PUAs

Dealing With Obstacles

Dealing with Obstacles discusses the obstacles that we encounter during picking up and seducing women.  This could be that she has a boyfriend, her friends are obstructing you (known as cock blocking), or even that another guy is trying his luck.


Cajun - The confident man will match their aggression with his own, and hope that his hand is stronger. The ideal man, that is, the man who has complete control, will do neither.

Mutate Rejection Into Attraction

Swinggcat - Imagine talking to a woman and just as things are getting hot and heavy she hisses the all too familiar words: “I have a boyfriend.”

Confidence Despite Liabilities

Carlos Xuma - EVERY guy has a liability of some kind. Short. Bald. Chubby. Missing a tooth. Missing a leg. Whatever. You have to learn how to communicate your confidence THROUGH that liability, and at the same time not seem defensive, or like you're carrying around issues.

She Says "Too Young Too Old"

Swinggcat - Whether a woman thinks I'm too young or too old for her doesn't matter to me one bit because...

Interpreting Women

David Wygant - What is up with women? When they say something, should we take them literally? Ever since there have been men and women, men have been trying to answer these questions.

Double Bind Situation

Thundercat - In a club, it's more a game of keeping a girl isolated from other guys than it is actually picking them up. When this happens, it's best to get rid of the obstacle quickly and keep your girl isolated with you.

Ultimate Boyfriend Destroyer

Harmless - If it's early in the sarge and she says, "I have a BF," this does NOT mean that it's time to do BF destroyers. This means that you did NOT attract her and that she could even be LYING to you because she doesn't want to talk to you. So... if you get this too soon, then you need to deal with more fundamental game issues first.

AMOG Tactics

Tyler Durden - The easy way to handle any alpha is to be polite to him, but act disinterested by his rap/accomplishments using tonality/body language (without coming off as patronizing/sarcastic) while simultaneously being charming to others around you.

Boyfriend Destroyer Routine

Mystery - I’m gonna ask you some questions, and I don’t want you to answer with words. I want you to answer with your hand...

Boyfriend Destroyers

Tyler Durden - When BFdestroying you walk a tightrope between evoking too many bad feelings and having them anchoured to you, and getting the chick to want to dump her BF. Don't forget that your end goal is to f-close, not to break her up for some other dude to enjoy.