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Attention Facebook MySpace Users

Author: Derek Lamont

So I’ve been sitting here for the last 7 minutes in awe.

Why? Well, I’ve been looking at Facebook’s latest user-base statistics… and let me tell you something. They are absolutely staggering. As of right now…there are approximately over SIXTY-FIVE MILLION ACTIVE USERS!

Now, I don’t have to say this…but I’m going to anyways. This is a bloody gold mine for picking up women. But I’ll get to that a bit later…

I can’t even begin to imagine how hot those Facebook servers are running… because that is outrageous. Not only is their user-base absurd, but their growth has been just as despicable; 250, 000 new users every single day that passes…3% weekly growth…doubling in size every 6 months. Whew.

Apparently, according to this data, no one uses Facebook. End sarcasm!

We live in an era where almost everyone has one of these little accounts. It’s almost borderline necessary to have one of these accounts if you want to function “normally” in society… and I’ll prove it to you.

Let me tell you about one of my good buddies. His name was Andrew… and I bet everyone knows a guy like Andrew.

He HATED the whole Facebook/MySpace movement, claiming that he would never…ever…get a Facebook account. And yeah…when something is as ridiculously popular as Facebook, there are bound to be a good handful of downright HATERS.

But let’s face it. Whether you’re a Facebook junkie (…logging into your account every single day to check your wall posts and send out a few “pokes”) or just someone who absolutely despises the social-networking movement, you can’t deny the fact that it’s becoming an integral part in social dynamics.

I mean…you can keep in touch with people you would usually NEVER talk to anymore, not to mention strengthening the relationships you currently have... you get invited to more interesting “events”… you get to see what all your friends are up to at any given moment… and you get to meet some pretty neat people if you try!

But anyways… back to Andrew. He started to feel like his social-circle was leaving him. No, his friends didn’t stop talking to him because he didn’t have a Facebook account, but you could tell – he just didn’t have as many friends as everyone else did. He didn’t get invited to as many birthday party bashes or going away parties. He just didn’t get to know as many people…

You might be thinking…well, maybe Andrew is just a loser! He wasn’t. He was a pretty good-looking dude with a good head on his shoulders.

However, it was easy to see that he was a little more “disconnected” from society. And you know what? After Andrew moved back to Toronto a week ago… even I lost contact with him.

Sad, isn’t it? With some of your “not so close” friends, you almost have to RELY on another communications medium to keep in contact with them… that’s what Facebook’s for. We might as well make the most of it then.

So how am I going to tie this in with girls?


Think about all the beautiful, gorgeous women that are on Facebook. It’s not a “nerds only” exclusive fan club anymore. THERE ARE SOME INSANELY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ON HERE! But some of you are thinking… yeah… but it’s SO easy to be labeled a “creep” if I message one of them.

I thought that too until I got to know some of the most prestigious and elite “online pickup artists” known to man.

Let me put it this way. If you know what you’re doing and you set up your Facebook/MySpace profile properly, picking up women on these websites is easy as PIE. I can teach you this precise method.

And let me tell you it is NOT the same as how you would approach a woman in real life… there are no “multiple threads” or typical “DHV” spikes (Demonstration of Higher Value) like you all may be familiar with. Doing so can get your account reported or banned for harassment. Ouch.

So do you want to learn some secrets on how to attract, meet, and seduce these beautiful women? You can get started by learning how to tweak your profile so you won’t look like another average chump on the internet… visit
Online Pick Up Secrets

You can sign up for my free e-course on how to attract women with just written language. I also teach some fatal mistakes all men do when talking to women online! Don’t get left out.

So get with the times! The laws of attraction have always been the same, but there is a new and easier way to use them.

Your friend,

Derek Lamont

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