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Is getting a phone number from a REALLY hot chick on MSN/AIM hard?


Escalating a conversation from instant messenger to a phone conversation is so easy if you know what you’re doing.

This is what I call “The Broken Thumb” routine.

So you’re talking to a girl... the conversation is going well and you are receiving a ton of online IOI’s from her. You can just tell she’s interested... how do you get her number?

Say this at the beginning of your conversation...

“Wow, this hurts SO much to type right now... ugh.”

She’ll ask you why... then say...

“I sprained my thumb playing basketball today... but whatever, it was worth it. I was the hero at the game. ;)”

Then continue the conversation...

When you receive the set amount of online IOI’s, then drop the BOMB!

“Gah! My thumb is REALLY killing me now. So sick of typing... but hey I have to ask you something! Give me your phone number so my thumb doesn’t fall off...”

Works every time... ;)

I have a ton of these routines and more... I even share my concise game plan on how to talk to these girls on the phone... and eventually get in her BED with you... completely naked!

Go check it out at

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Your friend,

Derek Lamont

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hi my msn is im looking 4 female frends mostly on at night
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anthony at 05:19AM, Sep 27th 2010.
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Average Rating: 3.36 [Total Votes: 11]
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