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Twitter Tactic That Got Me Laid

Author: Derek Lamont

Twitter's been ALL the rage, recently...

I figured... well, since I can pickup several girls a week using Facebook and MySpace, why can't I use Twitter to do the same?

Being the online pickup master that I am... I invented a little Twitter tactic that helped me get LAID. Keep reading because YOU can use this exact same tactic to increase your chances of success with women online.

I call it the "Come Hither" routine... sounds cheesy, I know... but don't laugh until you've tried it.

Now, this is one of my more "underhanded" techniques... some of you may not like it, but it WORKS.

Now... make a new "Tweet" and say...

"Going to meet a FAMOUS CELEBRITY today... need one more person to come with!"

I guarantee you will get women flocking to your page... but as soon as you get an inquiry from a girl you dig, message her back saying, "Kk... call me really quick! My number's..."

Give her your number.

She'll call.

Then on the phone, start off with a phone-neg. Something like... "Whoa, you sound like a total dude today. Are you okay?"

Proceed to say that some girl already sniped that ticket before she did.

She'll most likely protest... and ask you DESPERATELY who the celebrity was.

At this point, it doesn't really matter what happens next... you've now built value... AND you have her on the phone!

I have a TON of these tactics in my program.

And only for a VERY, VERY limited time, you can try out my program for FREE.

You heard right.

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You won’t be disappointed.

Derek Lamont

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