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How the hell do you turn on a girl... SEXUALLY... through instant messenger conversations?

Sure, some girls just don’t dig the whole “cyber” thing... but how do you know if you’ve got one that does?

Let me teach you how you can figure out if a girl is D.T.C. (Down To Cyber)... and let me teach you how you can convert her into a girl that’s receptive to “cybering”.

Then... get her phone number and invite her over for some REAL sex...

First and foremost... do not attempt these methods unless you’ve built enough trust and attraction FIRST... you need to receive at least seven online indicators of interest before attempting any of this. And furthermore, these tactics work best for girls that you know in real life already...

I go over these in another article...

But let me tell you first the power of the “;)” emoticon. No, that isn’t a typo... it’s the WINK emoticon. The careful and precise usage of this can get you LAID, buddy! So listen up...

After a few minutes of attraction building, say something like...

“Be right back... don’t miss me TOO much... ;)”

If you’ve built enough trust and if she feels like she knows you well, she’ll be receptive to this. If not, she’ll just say something like... “lol. Ok.”

If you get that response, don’t move on...

However, if you do get a response that’s positive... when you come back, say something like... “So you missed me, huh? You know you love me. ;)”

A lot of women will respond to this in a very sexual manner if you’ve built enough trust.

After, if the response is positive, which it should be... keep escalating! Start talking about sex... not sex between you two... but sex in general. Be descriptive.

Did you know that women generally LOVE reading about sex? Why do you think all those romance novels really get some women going...?

It’s because she fills in the blanks with her imagination. Escalating a women through text message or instant message is a lot easier than you think...

Check out the full method on how you can ignite your instant messaging game...


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and I go through all of it! Good luck!

Your friend,

Derek Lamont

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