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Text Messaging Tip For Picking Up Chicks

Author: Derek Lamont

Here’s what I’ve learned over the past few years when it came to phone game...


You’ll notice that if you ever text message a girl, they’ll almost ALWAYS text you back. It’s just an easy way to open a line of communication with girls you’ve just met.

I would have to say that the easiest way to establish a comfortable connection is through text messaging!

Here’s a little routine that you can use to build attraction with a beautiful girl through text messaging...

Say something like this...

“Hey, I saw a movie last night. It reminded me of you.”

She’ll most likely say something like...

“Aww, what movie was it?”

At the point... say... “I can’t remember... but the dog’s whine sounded just like you. :)”

Remember the emoticons, here!

Text messaging is a great way to build easy value. Keep this in mind!

On my website, I’ll tell you how you can learn how to build attraction through simple words... via text, e-mail, Facebook messages, and much... much more!

Getting laid has never been so easy. Just go here...

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Your friend,

Derek Lamont

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