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Voice Disqualifier

Author: Derek Lamont

For many men, this is the first step... but a lot of guys have no idea how to make the first conversation COMFORTABLE for the girl...

And on the phone, you can’t engage in physical flirting or convey attractive body language...

So WHAT you say and HOW you say it is EVERYTHING!

So what’s the quickest way to make her feel comfortable?

There’s something you can do in the first 3 seconds of a phone conversation to settle things down...
I call it the “Voice Disqualifier.”

Some of you advanced PUA’s may already know what I’m referring to here.

So how do you do it?

As soon as she says something... say something like... “Are you sick? Dude, you sound like a dude right now. Haha.”

Say it with the right voice tonality and you’re gold.

If you say it properly, her initial reaction will be playful as well. This will immediately put you two in the right mindset for a nice, comfortable, stimulating, and enjoyable conversation!

So what do you do after this?

I teach you a bunch of ways that you can boost your phone game on my website...

Online Pick Up Secrets

Go check it out!

Your friend,

Derek Lamont

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