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Advanced Masturbation Methods

Author: Derek Vitalio

So the next question becomes, what advanced masturbation gets a woman to be comfortable masturbating in front of you?

Well one of the most straightforward advanced masturbation, is while you have her in a Blissnotic state and you’re whispering sexy or dirty talk or a fantasy into her ear, a fantasy that you know she responds well to, command her to touch herself. A lot of women will do it if you’ve trained them to be responsive to your commands combined with them in being in the suggestible state of Blissnosis.

Another step is to masturbate in front of her on occasion while she’s in the rational, awakened state as you’re getting ready for sex. It doesn’t mean that you come, but just stroke yourself in front of her. Now when a woman sees you masturbate, she may see it as a threat that your masturbation is more pleasurable than she is.

If she brings up the subject of advanced masturbation, be firm with her in communicating that masturbation is a healthy, perfectly acceptable act, and that if you touch yourself or if she touches herself, it’s not a threat, but a way to bring the two of you closer together. Tell her that it’s good and feels good and openly encourage her to do it. Then you can ask her to show you how she does it.

Derek Vitalio

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