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Alpha Dominant Male

Author: Derek Vitalio

The Alpha male - Many animals have a dominant male who is able to have sex with all the females in his group, while the other less dominant males get no sex while waiting for him to die or until they are strong enough to take over command of the group and become the alpha dominant male.

Often, you meet alpha dominant males, guys who are always getting laid, and the average guys, who basically never get laid.

You'll see women talking to, hanging out with, and being friends with the average guy, but then sleep with the alpha male type guy, even though he may be a jerk, sleeps around and doesn't respect them.

Being the alpha dominant male is not about whose toughest. Being the alpha dominant male is not about challenging others. Being the alpha dominant male is not about picking fights.

IT IS about attitude.

The alpha male is confident.

The alpha male knows women and people in general want to be around him so he doesn't shy away from conversation and meeting new people.

The alpha male doesn't worry what others think about him.

The alpha male takes control of a situation with authority.

The alpha male is fun.

The alpha male is always having a good time.

The alpha male even knows that if he is in a group of guys and girls, he will be the one the girls choose to be with.

And by having this to be the expected outcome…

… It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

The more you believe you are the alpha dominant male, the more you will become the alpha dominant male.

When a woman, no matter how hot, sees and feels the presence of a man whom she recognizes as the alpha dominant male, she surrenders to him.

It is HE who has the sexual power over her.

And all those little games she plays like walking around like she’s the hottest, with her nose up in the air, all sophisticated, are just little tests to weed out all the average guys who have no sexual power over her.

So if you want to learn the exact steps of how to become an alpha dominant male, you’ll want to check out Seduction Science, the entire process is all explained there and I take all the guesswork out of it.

Derek Vitalio

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