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Becoming a Chick Magnet

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hi Derek.

Can you please tell me how to be a chick magnet in school, i seem to be getting the opposite effect of being playful in school.More like an irritant. Can you pls help me.

Whether they believe me or not is irrelevant because they don't know me. All they do know is that they now have an alternative version of what their man is doing tonight and every night that he is not with her. I want to be a chick magnet.

After that sinks in, I talk about wasting time and wasting your life and passing up opportunities to do what you REALLY WANT TO DO just because of some chick magnet bullshit you told someone one day, like "I am only going to fuck you" when they are out doing whatever they want. Then I bring up chicks that got cheated on and how stupid they felt when they were telling me about how they got played:)


Well you can't be irritating if you want to be a chick magnet. Take a look at seduction science for more advice.

Basically, if she claims a BF and that doesn't make you want to bail immediately... make her remember past boyfriends... make her remember that she broke up with them... make her remember that they were better lovers than her current BF... this can make you a chick magnet.

Make her long for guys that she CAN'T POSSIBLY GET HER HANDS ON but she remembers being in their arms and how much she wanted to please them and how much she wanted them to touch and please her. In a chick magnet situation, once she realizes that boyfriends are a passing thing, she will NOT want to waste the opportunity to get a blessed release from all the sexual feelings you have just aroused in her... and YOU'RE IT!:)

I notice how they are normally... then when they mention their pet cat or something, I might say "did your cat ever get hurt?" and watch her face change and her body change when she considers her cat getting hurt. Then I might say "Does your cat wake you up in the morning?" and watch her change to that too. Not those sentences or topics in particular, but since I don't talk BULLSHIT FLUFF with chick magnet, I get them going in all directions before sarging... unless it's just time for caveman kino:)

Derek Vitalio

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