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Bisexual Encounter

Author: Derek Vitalio

Now if you ask a girl outright if she’s bisexual, for a bisexual encounter, she may say no, even if she is. I’ve talked to girls who have told me that they’re straight and only later admitted to me that they had bisexual fantasies and dreams. So even most normally heterosexual women can be turned on to girl on girl fantasies.

So to get a woman into a bisexual identity or role for a bisexual encounter, you first want to get her into a highly aroused, Blissnotic state. Start her off in a role where she’s an insatiable slut or maybe where she needs to have two or three cocks to satisfy her and train her to suck your of finger as if it’s another dick. You want to get her into that total Whore mentality where she’s pretty much down for anything and everything.

Now the way I do it is that I bring up nothing about bisexuality or being with another woman for a bixeual encounter explicitly - that engages her critical rational mind and could cause resistance. Instead, while she’s in the extremely suggestible excited state, while I’m fucking her in the missionary position and talking dirty to her, I’ll physically lower my face down to meet hers. I’ll then command her to suck on my lower lip as if it were a clitoris.

I’ll simply tell her, “Okay baby, my lip is a clitoris. Suck that clitoris. Lick it wet. Suck it hard. Make that clitoris orgasm baby. Suck it. Suck it.”

See, all I’m telling her to do is to suck a clit, I’m not telling her to be with a woman.

As she sucks your lower lip, describe how that pussy is getting wet and going crazy. Tell her, “Oh yeah baby that vagina is so hot. It’s so excited. It loves your tongue. Yeah, make that pussy orgasm. Get it hot. Suck it. Suck it.”

If your woman gets into it, and most likely she will, she should be going crazy sucking hard on that lower lip of yours.

Afterwards, after she comes out of Blissnosis back into a normal state, tell her how hot it was that she was with a woman, sucking a vagina like that.

Repeat and reinforce that sucking on your lip three or four times with her to reinforce the idea that she likes to suck and lick a woman’s pussy and to reinforce all the good feelings about a bisexual encounter.

Derek Vitalio

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