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Sexy Blonde and I Do Bliss Breathing

Author: Derek Vitalio

Charlotte is this new girl I’ve been seeing for a few months now. Perhaps you remember her from a few months back at the Starbucks- she’s the blonde chick with the shapely legs.

Well, because she’s so suggestible, she’s my new girl in training. I’m putting her through the Libertinage Rituals- namely, my sexual connection sequence.

I’ve invited her over and told her I wanted to do some exercises with her including “Bliss Breathing” to build our sexual connection and closeness together. She laughs and wants to know what the hell I mean, but I just tell her to get her butt over and to wear something red (hey, I just like blondes in red).

Charlotte shows up at the door in a black skirt, red shirt and in black heels, showing off those legs again.

I lead her by the hand to the bedroom and tell her to help me prepare our “ritual space” for the magic.

Now what happens next is very important…

Together, we build a space on the floor with some large Persian-like pillows and place about a dozen candles all around. I light them, one by one, and I tell Charlotte to hit the lights. Next, I put on some soft jazz music.

You see, physical environment strongly affects people’s moods and a room dedicated for pleasure and play puts women into the mindset of giving pleasuring and playing with you.

And that way, when the woman returns to her duties in the real world, she’ll feel strongly the contrast between your pleasurable fantasy world, and the comparably miserable and boorish real world, which keeps her thinking about you.

So to cast your spell, you have to transport the woman away from all work and all responsibility, and surround her into your fantasy world of pleasure and play.

So we sit down cross-legged together, Indian style on these plush Persian pillows. To do the sexual connection rituals, you’ll want to be facing each other.

Charlotte looks even better now- the soft light of flickering candles makes her smile glow, and with the music, candles, soft pillows, and the quiet, we’re ready to get started into this journey into fantasy land.

The first sexual connection ritual, and a ritual to be done at the beginning and ending of every session like “bookends”, is the Heart Salutation.

I have Charlotte place her palms together, and point them toward the floor. I tell her to look me in the eyes and to hold it. She follows.

Then, both of us simultaneously bring our hands up to our hearts, palms still together like we’re praying, thumbs touching our chests. I tell her again to maintain eye contact, because you want to maintain eye contact with the girl throughout the Heart Salutation.

Keeping eye contact, I tell her to lean in until our foreheads touch- this is the “kiss”.

She leans in and we kiss with our foreheads. She giggles, but I tell her, “Look into my eyes and open your heart… feel the connection we have as human beings together… with the Heart Salutation, we’re saying hello, heart to heart.”

The point of starting out any set of rituals with the Heart Salutation is to set the tone of the experience, which is to say that a physically deep and emotionally powerful experience is about to happen.

And although the Heart Salutation takes just a moment, the intense eye contact creates an intimate connection

Now I tell her that we’re going to do Bliss Breathing together.

I tell her to close her eyes now and turn her attention to her breathing.

To do the Bliss Breathing ritual, you want to keep your back straight and upright, but not tense. Your right hand is placed into left hand, with your palms upward and with the tips of your thumbs pointed slightly upward.

I tell Charlotte, “As you breathe in, hear the air rushing into your head. As you breathe in, feel your body opening up. And as you breathe out, follow the breath out into the room.”

We start, but after a minute is Charlotte giggling. “Hmmm… want to do something now, like fuck?”

Sitting in silence with a woman, concentrating on your breathing is a very powerful experience for a woman, and therefore a bit uncomfortable at first. We’re so used to a culture of media distraction that silence itself can feel a bit unnatural.

But sharing the experience of peacefulness with a woman is critical to quieting her mind and building trust with her so that she can experience the new feelings you’re about to give her more vividly and more profoundly.

With a smile I tell Charlotte, “At first your mind will be very busy, and you might even feel that the quiet breathing is making your mind busier. But in reality, we are just becoming more aware of how busy our mind actually is.”

“There will be a great temptation to follow the different thoughts as they arise, but resist this and remain focused on the sensation of your breath. If your mind wanders, return your mind to your breath.”

“If you start to feel antsy, this is okay and it’s a sign that the Bliss Breathing is going normally and is working. It shows that your mind is relaxing, and as it’s relaxing you’re starting to let go of thoughts.”

This time she closes her eyes and we continue the Bliss Breathing together.

You’ll want to continue the Bliss Breathing ritual with her for about 10 minutes or so. This is enough time for all of her tension and stress and problems to fall away. The inner peace and relaxation of her mind makes a woman highly receptive to pleasurable and new experiences, and allows her to go open herself up and go into fantasy.

The shared experience also allows her to feel a special connection and bond with you.

“That was nice”, Charlotte says.

Charlotte is definitely in another place now. I can feel from the tone of her voice and the look on her face that she’s left reality and we’re now in a world of trance and fantasy and possibility.

“Now, I want to show you the Melting Hug,” I tell her.

But as I’m running out of time dear reader, I’ll have to get to that next time!

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Until next time,

Derek Vitalio

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