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Body Building Sex

Author: Derek Vitalio

Theres one thing that i need help on your book is about getting girls from the street but theres one girl whos my friend we have a lot in common but when i down sumtimes she cums up to me and says bla bla bla dont worry you,ll fine sumone that buggers ne cos shes saying you wont have me and eney bodie you know theres is one way but thats far to long and i dont have time and...

Itl take a long time and thats body building sex she like big men and she like black better then white i think but the most enoring thing is my friend is a big bilt black bloke and he allways gets off with her well evey bodie i like i need to be bigger and better and this girl love sum gye (not my friend) i wonderd if you know how i could get her to forget him and like me (so she would go home thinking about me that sort of thing)

i dont have money to go to the gym all the time for body building sex. i have a book on body building sex that tells me sum thing but they dont have pics so i dont what they r eney way try to help me on my girl0(friend) problem thanks


Hmm she likes big, black, guys who are into body building sex. I suggest working on physical contact with her. When you touch her her body releases a hormone called ocytocin which makes her feel attracted and comfortable with you. With enough touch she'll forget about the other guy. You be the PLAYFUL, FUN guy who is comfortable with TOUCHING her.

Then hit the gym on top of that when you get time, for body building sex.


Derek Vitalio

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