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Boyfriend Destroyer

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hi Derek

I was resently at a friends house warming party and my friends sister was nicer to me than usual. She spent alot of time with me during the evening. Her boy friend seemed annoyed with this and leaped from his seat to stop our conversation.At the end of the night she made a point of saying good bye to me.

I'm interested in this girl!!!

and I realise that the majority of these types of women (smart, sexy and athletic)are attached to someone. So how do I progress with this situation or similar scenarios in the future???

Please note that in the past I woman paid alot of attention to me and I was sure that it was only to make her boy friend jelous.


She's is probably using you as a tool to make her boyfriend jealous. You can use a boyfriend destroyer her on her next time:

Talk to her about wasting time and wasting your life and passing up opportunities to do what you REALLY WANT TO DO just because of some bullshit someone (you're referring to her boyfriend here without mentioning him) told you one day, like "I am only going to fuck you" when they are probably out doing whatever they want.

Also, ask her what made her first attractive to this person, her boyfriend, and then use whatever she tells you to seduce her.


Derek Vitalio

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