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Date Conversation Skills

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hi Derek,

Humor seems to be a key ingredient to keep a date conversation going, or even to start one in flirting. What if I have never had a sense of humor, or find only dark humor humorous? What can I do besides "memorizing joke books", if you are to suggest that at all?

How can I improve my date conversation skills if I've never really had one succssful encounter with girls? Teenage girls can be total bitches. What must I do to woo them? Must I force myself to read what they read to get into their world, things like girly magazines?


Don't memorize joke books if you want to progress with your date conversation skills. Instead, you want to tease HER a little and tease her FRAME. Also, say funny things about the environment around you. The key is to be in a laughing mood and she'll laugh with you, no matter what you say.

Meet more girls and practice your date conversation skills. I know it sounds like unuseful advice, but that is the best advice there is. You can also try practicing online with instant messenger or chat rooms.

First, you need to change your frame. As long as you look at them like "total bitches" and have a subtle contempt for them you will never get anywhere. Maybe the problem is YOU afterall? You may need to be more playful, fun, around teenage girls. You would need to give me something more specific if you want more specific advice.

Say "Excuse me, I know this may seem a little unusal as I'm in the drive-thru and don't have a lot of time... but you have the most incredible smile (or whatever) and I really want to get to know you better... how about we swap phone numbers?"


Derek Vitalio

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