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How To Date Sexy Women

Author: Derek Vitalio

Please can you give me some advice on how to date sexy women? There is a girl at work who I speak to most days (work related). She works in a different office but I occasionaly see her around the building and we often stop and chat. She's been working here for about a year but I've only recently started fancying her. I often try and talk to her on the phone about her personal life but she is not always very forthcoming and it is difficult for her to speak for long periods on the phone. If I take her out, I need advice on first date.

I phoned her up and asked her if she had a couple of minutes at lunchtime as I needed to talk to her about something. She agreed and I said I was going into town so I would meet her outside her office. I was then going to simply say that "I always enjoy our conversations on the phone but due to work we often have to cut them short so would you like to go for a drink sometime so we can chat?".

My question is firstly, is it worth me pursuing this when i get back to work in a week. If so, what approach should I use? What advice on first date would you have in this case? Should I simply say to her "do you still want to go for that drink sometime" and then see how she responds? I don't want to pester her if she really doesn't want to go have some drinks.


First of all to date sexy women, interms of advice on first date is concerned, when you say "let's go out for a drink" that puts you in the dating frame and it raises alarm bells for women. You should be able to seduce her when you're having lunch or coffee with her, NOT when you're having drinks. And besides, if she doesn't want to do it, STOP pushing it on her it will only repel her away from you.

Also, it sounds like you've been pursuing her for while now and she may be putting you in the "friends" category because you're not seducing her quickly enough. If too much time passes you're sunk.

All you need to do is have lunch with her and be playful and non-pushy. To date sexy women focus on bringing her through a series of good emotional states, as there are examples in the books. Also, don't beg her to go out with you. It looks needy. So just have lunch together. This will shatter her conception of the situtation and wonder why you've stopped chasing her. The "I have something to tell you" is a curiosity hook.


Derek Vitalio

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