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Dating Exotic Dancers

Author: Derek Vitalio

Now about transforming your woman into an exotic stripper or dancer and dating exotic dancers. Once your woman is in a highly suggestible state, stand her up and tell her, “You are now Angel and you will be my exotic dancer and stripper.”

Tell her, “As you dance you will moan while showing off your body. As you dance you will make direct eye contact with my eyes. You will hold your breasts and you will show them off as an exotic dancer. You will kiss your breasts. You will rub your nipples and get them hard. You will bend over and open your ass cheeks. You will sensuously rub your hands all over your body. You will lie on your back and pull your vaginal lips open. You will finger yourself and play with your clit. You will then give me a lap dance. And when you are finished you will pull down my pants to expose my erection and dance your ass on it and tease it until you can’t stand it anymore.”

Later on, you can order a video like the “The Art of Sensual Dance for Every Body” from online and watch it with her. Videos on exotic dancing will give her ideas on how to dance like a stripper.

You’ll also want to have some music ready for her to dance to. Music is critical because without music it’s very hard to dance without a rhythm and beat and music in this case a critical environmental cue to put her into the mindset of dating an exotic dancer.

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Derek Vitalio

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