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Dating Models

Author: Derek Vitalio

Everyone wants to be dating models, but it takes time and practice. Anyway, I need to get a lot more material. Where the sets would go downhill is when I'd run out of high energy stuff to say after about 30 minutes. The girls would lose their state FAST. It's like they have an attention span of 30 seconds and you have to keep feeding them verbal candy quick or they change the station. In that sense I prefer Philly girls who seem to have more of a brain... still, working in this hard venue on model-types who have short attention spans is good practice I wouldn't get anywhere else.

Another thing is that I have only so much stamina. After about close to 3 hours I suddenly got pretty tired of talking. I could have done more in theory if I had boundless amounts of energy.

Anyway, South Beach HB model was hovering all around me, giving me lots of green light signals NOT because I had some great pick-up line, but because I was the life of the party in that corner of the club. Believe me, if you knew me you wouldn't see me normally as the life of any party. This does not come natural. It's from practicing if you want to be dating models.

Anyway, I'm happy with my results. It's starting to pay off.


Nice, I'm glad my material is working for you.

Derek Vitalio

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