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Dating Rules For Successful Dates

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hey Derek,

I just recently purchased your program and am beginning to feel more comfortable approaching women. Now the question I have starts with the basic dating rules, what to do once I have their number. I leave messages for women who's numbers have been given to me by friends as a "blind" dating potential.

I also leave messages for women that I have actually had the balls to ask for their cards, and don't quite know what the etiquette is. I leave fun and playful messages and I'm wondering how long should I wait for them to call me back? The rules says that I should leave more than just one or just give up on them after the first one, isn't it?. In addition how do you feel about e-mailing a girl who has given you her business card and asking her out. Is that too impersonal? Any advice on dating rules would be very helpful about content of the message and timeframes....

Are these a good dating rules? "Women that are "taken" are different from women that are single in that they are either LESS PICKY or MORE HORNY. Single women are either looking for more than just dick (MORE PICKY) or they have less of a sex-drive so they don't REQUIRE a man in their lives unless he's just what they want.



The dating rules: Call once, if no reply in three or four days, call again. Then no more calling, the ball is in her court.

More dating rules: If you get her email, don't ask her to go dating by email. Instead, get her on the phone as quickly as possible (try to by the third email). Then, you can ask her to meet you over the phone.


Derek Vitalio

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