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Discreet Sexual Affair

Author: Derek Vitalio


OK so it worked,I called her and left a message for a discreet sexual affair. She had called me back within 1 minute, had a nice conservation and she was going to call me the following day,her day off... nothing- no call, this also seems to be a pattern with her lately.. should I call her again?, but what should my response be if any,if I happen to get a return call.. which I feel I will not. But there is a slim possibility.. Also there has been no commitement or any discreet sexual affair, yet we met several times and spoke 6 or 8 times.

Thank you..


You've done your part, and from what I see, she flakes on she tells you she will do. So therefore, if she calls you for phone conversation, do not take her words seriously. Be very matter of fact, and just see what she has to say. You could point out her flakey behavior, but I don't think you're the kind of person that would waste their time and energy on that.

As far as meeting her 6-8 times with no commitment nor involvement goes, it usually means the issue of motivation I mentioned before. A woman would expect you to make a move even before the 6th meeting.

So, for the future, keep in mind that the faster you make a move on a woman for a discreet sexual affair, and succeed in kissing her, the faster the the dynamic of the relationship immediately changes to that of sexual one. By doing this, you have more value and priority in her life over other things that might have been otherwise taking precedence over you. She will then have sufficient motivation to at least keep her word to you (at least in her mind), because she has more "at stake" in the situation.


Derek Vitalio

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