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Fantasy Sharing

Author: Derek Vitalio

Fantasy sharing, once you feel that her Whore frame has been sufficiently strengthened and positively reinforced - and for some women you can get to this point very quickly, particularly if you’re just starting out a relationship with someone new- while you’re having sex and she’s in a Blissnotic, suggestible state, ask her to volunteer a fantasy for fantasy sharing.

And you do it like this. Say to her, “Baby, tell me one of your fantasies.” Pretty simple. And if she’s quiet, just ask her again, “Baby I want to know what one of your fantasies is.”

Most likely at first she’ll offer up something rather tame because she’s afraid you might judge her. But whatever she offers, no matter how tame or no matter how wild, go with it. It’s absolutely critical that you don’t judge her or else she’ll shut down, or else she’ll lose all trust in you.

Because she might come up with something tame like having sex on a bed with red rose petals. But very likely it could also be very racy. Some girls when you ask them for a fantasy of theirs, they’ll be right up front with you. It’s unlikely, but your woman’s fantasy might be a girl on girl experience or having two guys. So you have to be ready for anything.

But if that happens, it will only seem wild at first. Eventually you’ll understand that woman are highly sexual creatures. They crave to express their sexuality and love fantasy sharing.

Derek Vitalio

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