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Fixing A Boring Relationship

Author: Derek Vitalio

If you have a boring relationship, if you withdraw sexually, if you choose the path of the Madonna or Buddy frames for your woman, it leaves your woman feeling inadequate as a sexual being. She’s going to be fantasizing anyway and she’ll feel either terribly guilty about it and in a vain attempt try to suppress her fantasies and thoughts, or she just won’t care and given the right opportunity and under the right circumstances, she’ll act on her desires behind your back. Because it's a boring relationship.

That’s right, when your woman gets BORED of your sexual relationship, and most women do, she’s at a strong risk for cheating behind your back. In fact, more than 50% of women in admit in research studies to cheating on a boring relationship.

At the same time, you’ll feel the temptation to cheat on your woman watching porn or having a mistress, with women that you categorize in the Whore Frame.

So it’s just a lose-lose situation all the way around to box your woman into a Madonna or Buddy Frame, to have a boring relationship, and not to expand her sexual possibilities.


Derek Vitalio

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