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Getting Laid Tonight

Author: Derek Vitalio

Well spent the day getting together a bunch of new material for getting laid tonight... so now I have 40 minutes of material instead of just 20 minutes, which would have come in real handy last night.

Tonight at 10:00 pm I went to Ft Lauderdale Riverfront. There weren't that many people there... no easy sets of girls just to open. So I do my first ever opener on a group of guys.

Opener #1: getting laid tonight

Me: "Hey... so how are the ladies treating us tonight?"

A big, alpha guy pipes up.

Guy: "We wouldn't know, we haven't talked to any of them. Anyway we were just waiting for you to show up!" He says it sarcastically.

Me: "Oh... yeah well now that I'm here, you're luck will change"

I take off... I buckled under the social pressure of the guy. But this was my first all-guy opener even though it didn't go that well. Really, I need to be opening more girl sets for getting laid.


Nice, keep it up

Derek Vitalio

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