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Having Rough Sex

Author: Derek Vitalio

You know because most couples don’t talk much during sex. The guy just rolls on top and they go at it. So if you start suddenly talking sexy and dirty to your woman during sex whereas you didn’t do that before, she’ll notice the difference and at first it won’t feel completely comfortable.

So to begin with, you want to pick two rather tame fantasies that won’t be too shocking. Let’s pick two fantasies right now.

First, pace something she’s already done. Like let’s say once your woman actually did wear sexy lingerie to bed. Or let’s say she always wears lacey red underwear. While you’re having sex with her, while she’s in that Blissnotic, suggestible state, you want to start speaking the fantasy to her. Like tell her, “Baby, remember that time you wore that red lingerie. That was so sexy… I love it when you dress up like that.”

Now the first time you do this it’s mild, something completely within the bounds of her experience. And while you’re talking to her the fantasy, do it in the missionary position. Why? Because in the missionary position you can whisper or say the fantasies right into her ear.

The second fantasy. Let’s call this one the rough and fast fantasy. Same thing. During sex, while you’re in the missionary position, whisper into her ear, “Hey I love putting my cock inside you. Your pussy is so hot. I want to fuck you hard and fast for rough sex.”

Now you’re stepping into the role of a guy who gives it rough and fast and she has to step into the role of a girl who likes it rough and fast.

Derek Vitalio

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