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How To Get Laid Tonight

Author: Derek Vitalio

First let me just say that I've started reading the volumes, kind of randomly like I'm sure most people will start to do at first, and I must say: I am pretty damn impressed. Some of the things seem far-fetched and could only be pulled off by some kind of wizard (seemingly), other things seem way out of line (major numbers games), but most of it, and I repeat, MOST OF IT, is completely brilliant (and a lady friend of mine agrees).

It is not my intent to use these volumes to get laid tonight or all the time so much as it is to maintain healthy attraction, relationships, and sex within prospects and girlfriends. There is some stuff in here that I could have really used even just a few weeks ago, things that would have helped a relationship really bloom.

So, here is the reason for the letter (and as of this writing I have read - no; absorbed - volume one in its entirety): Is there any section in these volumes that discusses how to mend a previously botched relationship, besides effectively to get laid tonight? How to attempt a second chance with a woman that preferred an agressive man, one that I am still on good terms with where I believe there is still a strong possibility to rectify the situation?

A part that discusses how to "patch" things with a woman, not get laid tonight? Any suggestions whatsoever would be appreciated, even if you are game to address me directly, beyond the volumes but personally (that would be your call).

The interaction I had with the woman in question did not end badly, not at all, I just realize now that I wasn't aggresive enough with her and wonder if something could be mended and then continued, but not really get laid tonight. My confidence and attitude is much better now since volume one has helped me to realize some things. Any advice? Keep up the awesome work.


I'm glad you like the books. As for mending a botched relationship, you basically need to proceed and start the seduction over again. She is a new target like any other girl. If you have more specific questions, then let me know. Who knows, maybe if you use this stuff and get laid tonight, it might not be so bad!


Derek Vitalio

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