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How To Succeed With Women

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hello Derek,

I really need help in the area of how to succeed with woman. Hey this is the first time I've tried this and the only reason I'm doing it is because I am utterly confused about this girl at work and I want to succeed with women. I got to know her earlier this year and as she was getting to know me a little she was falling for me and falling fast. Then over the summer another friend of mine at work found out that I was interested in her so she went to tell her and she blew the whole thing out of proportion.

Ever since then it seems like she has been avoiding me and we don't have nearly as much fun together as we used to. Now I'm extremely frustrated trying to figure this whole thing out and I'm hoping you help me out with a few pointers. Btw she does have a boyfriend whom she rarely ever mentioned before she found out I liked her.

This probably made it harder for me to realize that she had fallen for me when she did. But now everythings all fucked up and I need a way out of it because everytime I'm around her at work, which is hardly ever now btw, I feel extremely awkward which is a complete pain in the ass cause it makes me screw up with my work. Anyway any advice on how to succeeed with woman or help you can offer me will be helpful as I'm all out of ideas.



Notice how you feel extremely awkward around her. You are projecting that kind of uncomfortable energy toward her. She will follow YOUR lead of feeling uncomfortable. It's your job to project a fun, comfortable energy around her and she'll return the same... otherwise you won't succeed with women.

However, the truth is you've probably lost her because you got to know her 6 MONTHS AGO and you never made your move on her! You must strike while the iron is hot. Now, a whole number of factors might have shifted her focus AWAY from you... like she's taken a new liking to her boyfriend again.

The only way to fix this is to make her feel comfortable with you again. So be playful and fun. But don't expect any miracles.

I would suggest that you practice your skills on new girls instead to succeed with woman in general.


Derek Vitalio

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