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Macking Tips For Seduction

Author: Derek Vitalio

Here's some cool macking tips. I'm tired so I leave this club. I go to this other bar and I see the first two girls I had met in the elevator at the beginning of the night. They're talking to two guys.

Me: "Oh my god, it's the elevator girls."

The girls FREAK.

Girls: "hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: "Elevator girl blue and elevator girl pink!"

Girls: "hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Me to the guys: "Guys... if you ever get trapped in an elevator... call on these elevator girls. They will help you out!" and I give the girls a hug.

Girls: "Oh my god hahahahahahaha!!"

The two guys they were talking to are just blown out. I leave, though I should have taken advantage of my macking tips and their excited state.

I then open these two girls at the bar. They're cold, but I kind of turn it around.

Me: "Would you ever date a guy in wheelchair"

Her: "I have a boyfriend"

Me: "Oh, so your boyfriend is in a wheelchair"

Her: "No"

Me: "So you're saying you wouldn't"

Her: "I didn't say that---"

Me: "Oh my god, you wouldn't that is so superficial!"

I then backturn and blow her out, even though originally she tried to blow me out. You want more macking tips, then read on.

Derek Vitalio

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