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Miami Clubs

Author: Derek Vitalio

Hi Derek,

How did you approach the club scene here in Miami? I really don't know where to start since they're usually incredibly loud and packed and the girls are in groups. I would really like to get better at the clubs, since thats where there's tons of women to choose from. I've been getting by for now by dancing (I dance salsa) but nothing happens after that.


Hmm, that all depends again on whether you want to burn up the floor with Latin dancing, pick up women at American-style dance clubs, or pick up girls in bars.

If you're not very experienced, I would stay away from places that are too loud (for example, the South Beach clubs). You may have an easier time in Ft Lauderdale around the Olas Boulevard area where you can talk to girls on the street.

In Miami clubs, you may want to try the Firehouse as the music isn't too loud.


Derek Vitalio

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