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The Nice Guy Syndrome

Author: Derek Vitalio

Do you suffer from the nice guy syndrome?

In contrast to the nice guy, the seducer is a risk-taker and troublemaker. He enjoys stirring things up just to see what will happen. He talks about sex openly, and is aggressively direct. He’s a bad boy and is provocative and daring. He doesn’t delay his gratification. If there’s a good time to be had, he’ll have it. He’s unpredictable and fun and playful. He likes to push the limits.

Because the seducer bad boy is not constrained by typical social rules like the nice guy syndrome, he likes to have more wild fun than typical nice guys. He lives his life to the fullest and women find this energy and his self-confidence mysteriously magnetic.

And in bed, bad boys want to get nasty. They like sex a lot and they want it real and primal, like an animal.

We’ve all got a bad boy inside of us. And when we unleash that little fella, even in a scenario, life can be a lot more fun than the nice guy syndrome.

Derek Vitalio

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